CV Searching

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What is CV Searching?

CV searching is when an employer actively looks through CVS using a resume database. Employers do this when they need to fill a role and want to expand their reach further than a job advertisement. It’s usually done in conjunction with other recruitment methods so that recruiters have access to multiple potential candidates, which helps them find the perfect fit for the open position.

The first step for employers wanting to CV search is finding the best database. There are a couple of things for employers to consider when deciding, including the type of people on there, how many resumes there are, and the cost. The cost is significant, as it will increase the cost per hire, so it needs to be worth the price.

When using a resume database, there are usually filters for employers to use to narrow down their searches. Doing so helps employers find their ideal candidates quicker. They might need candidates in a particular location or have a crucial set of skills they need in their new hires. Employers might also use keywords to hone their search, such as ‘leadership experience’ or ‘sales training’ to find their ideal candidate.

Rather than publishing a job ad and waiting for candidates to apply, CV searching is actively looking for candidates for a particular position in an organization. If an employer needs a role filling quickly, it’s a popular method for finding qualified candidates.

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