Virtual Recruiting

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What is Virtual Recruiting?

Virtual recruiting is when an organization hires a new employee entirely online. While usually recruitment involves an in-person interview or meeting, virtual recruitment uses a mixture of technology to complete the hiring process. The candidate doesn’t have to step through the organization’s door even once during the process.

Sourcing candidates virtually involves posting job ads, building a career site, and networking through social media. As many job seekers look for work through their phones and laptops, this works well.

For screening during virtual recruitment, employers often use automation tools to make the process more efficient. By using data to flag the best resumes and job applications, the employer quickly identifies the most qualified employees. At this stage of virtual recruitment, the employer may also wish for candidates to fill out an online assessment.

Interviewing a candidate virtually usually means video conferencing. In this setting, candidates can attend the interview from home, but the employer can still consider verbal skills and body language. Then, once the best candidate is selected for the position, they will be notified digitally, which could mean over the phone, on a video call, or via email.

Virtual recruitment works well for organizations as it means they can hire from anywhere in the world. Plus, without the need for in-person meetings, it is a far more time-efficient method for hiring. Virtual recruitment is often used for remote positions, but it is also used for work-based employees.

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