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What is Text to Apply?

Text to Apply is a type of recruitment software designed to attract a larger pool of candidates. With this software, employers choose a unique word for applicants to text to a unique number. For example, to apply to a role, applicants may text the term ‘TREES’ to 92370. Employers choose a unique keyword that is relevant to the organization.

The text to apply ad can be displayed anywhere, from the sides of buses to posters around a local community. Once an applicant sends the text, they then receive an automated response from the employer with instructions on how to apply. That might involve answering a few simple questions, or a link may be provided for a more thorough application. The ease of the application ensures more candidates complete the process. Plus, employers can choose to send reminder texts to those who only half-complete the application.

The text to apply is so effective because it’s simple, quick, and appeals to the average person. With so many people leading busy lifestyles and spending a lot of time on their phones, a text to apply application is much more appealing than one that involves a desktop computer and thirty minutes of their time. It ensures more applicants, which in turn provides the employer with a greater scale of talent. It can even boost the employer brand, as it shows that they are up-to-date with technology and willing to make job applications easier for the average person.

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