Video Interviewing

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What is Video Interviewing?

Video interviewing is a type of remote interview that a company carries out using video technology. The other two most common methods for interviewing are phone interviews and in-person interviews.

When setting up a video interview, the employer notifies the candidate of the time and place and then prepares a number of questions to ask via video chat. It is much like a regular interview but done digitally.

The choice of video software is essential here – the three most popular include Zoom, Skype, and Facetime. It’s generally better for employers to choose a popular one so that candidates are familiar with the software.

The reason video interviewing is so popular among employees is that it gives them the chance to assess a candidate’s communication and body language without having to schedule an in-person interview. It saves time, allowing for the employer to schedule more interviews with candidates. Plus, there’s the benefit of being able to interview candidates from all around the world.

While most video interviews are live, there is also the option for employers to host a pre-recorded interview. It is different from most traditional interviews.It involves the employer pre-recording a set of questions for the candidate to answer on video and send back. While this can save time, it doesn’t allow for a normal human conversation.

The main goal for employers is to hire the perfect candidate for the role. With video interviewing, they can reach a large scope of people faster and more efficiently, making it a popular choice.

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