Parsing (CV Parsing)

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What is Parsing?

Used by recruiters, parsing is a recruitment software that extracts and analyses information in a candidate’s resume. It does this by taking multiple resumes and then identifying some of the most crucial factors, including the type of experience and qualifications. If a tech company wants to recruit a tech developer, they may use parsing software to flag CVs with experience writing code and software development.

Without CV parsing, recruiters often spend hours reading multiple resumes to figure out the most suitable candidate. With parsing software, this process becomes more manageable, faster, and more cost-effective. By using algorithms and comparing candidates, parsing provides recruiters access to the best talent for the role. It is automation that makes the beginning part of recruitment much more streamlined.

Companies often use CV parsing when they need to hire multiple candidates. They can choose what they want the algorithm to search for, whether that’s a type of tech knowledge or a certain number of years of experience; then, the software presents them with the right kind of candidates. That way, recruiters select only the most suitable candidates, and from there, they can reduce those numbers down even further through the rest of the recruitment process.

With this process, recruiters focus on the more human side of recruitment, like interviews, and leave the more tedious, low-value tasks to automation. CV parsing turns the arduous job of resume reading into a swift process. 

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