Parsing (CV Parsing)

What is Resume Parsing?

The job market has always been competitive and fast-paced. Now, with ever-improving technology and higher candidate expectations, recruitment feels like an even more ruthless landscape than ever.

As such, businesses and companies such as yours are constantly on the lookout for anything that might help streamline the often arduous hiring process. One such method is resume parsing.

If you want to smooth out the finicky process of sifting through resumes and trying to find the candidate equivalent of a needle in a haystack, this nifty bit of software is for you. Let us show you what it is and how it can help you. You’ll wonder how you ever lived without it.

What Is Resume Parsing And How Does It Work?

Resume parsing is a recruitment software used by recruiters. It extracts and analyses information from a candidate’s resume. It does this by taking multiple resumes and then identifying some of the most crucial factors, including the type of experience and qualifications possessed by a candidate.

For example, suppose a tech company wants to recruit a tech developer. In that case, they may use parsing software to flag the CVs of potential hires with experience writing code and software development.

Companies often use CV parsing when they need to hire multiple candidates. They can choose what they want the algorithm to search for, like a type of tech knowledge or a certain number of years of experience. Then, the software presents them with the right kind of candidates. That way, recruiters select only the most suitable candidates.

From there, they can reduce those numbers even further through the rest of the recruitment process.

What Is a Resume Parser?

A resume parser or CV parser is a software tool or algorithm designed to automate the process of extracting and structuring relevant information from resumes or CVs.

Using advanced algorithms and machine learning techniques, a resume parser analyzes the content of a resume and extracts specific data points such as contact details, education history, work experience, skills, and qualifications. It can also identify and categorize information based on predefined criteria, such as job titles, companies, dates, and keywords.

Resume parsers are designed to handle different resume formats, whether they are in Word documents, PDFs, or other formats. They use intelligent pattern recognition and data extraction techniques to accurately capture the relevant information, regardless of the formatting or layout of the resume.

The parsed data is then structured into a standardized format, typically in a database or an applicant tracking system (ATS). Recruiters can then use this structured data to easily search, filter, and compare candidates based on specific criteria.

Resume Parsing Software: The Benefits

Time and cost efficiency

Without CV parsing, recruiters often spend hours reading multiple resumes to figure out the most suitable candidate. Parsing software makes this process more manageable, faster, and more cost-effective.

By using algorithms and comparing candidates, parsing provides recruiters access to the best talent for the role. It is automation that makes the beginning part of recruitment much more streamlined.

Improved candidate experience

It’s important to remember that most of your potential candidates will have put a heck of a lot of effort into crafting their resumes, and they’re well within their rights to expect a fair shake. It’s important that your approach to the candidate experience is taken seriously.

Traditional methods of screening can result in resumes getting overlooked. Not only is this unfair to your applicant pool, but you could be seeing yourself off by accidentally missing out on the ideal candidate. Resume parsing ensures fair and consistent evaluation by extracting relevant information accurately.

Better accuracy

As alluded to just now, manual resume screening is far from infallible. If you have a competitive vacancy to fill or if you’re hiring multiple candidates – well, that’s a lot of paperwork for a human being to pore over.

Misinterpretation or oversight can lead to qualified candidates being overlooked or unqualified candidates progressing through the process – not good news for your business either way.

Resume parsing minimizes these errors by extracting and categorizing data accurately, making your screening process far more reliable.


The bigger your business becomes, the more roles you’ll create, the more vacancies will arise, and the more candidates you’ll have calling you up and sending in their resumes. If you’ve just pictured opening the door to your poor HR department and a tidal wave of paper cascading over you, you’re probably not too far off.

Handling resumes manually is all well and good, but as your business grows, you need a process that can keep up. Resume parsing software provides the scalability needed to deal with large volumes of resumes quickly and efficiently.

Language and Multilingual Support

In today’s globalized workforce, organizations often receive resumes in various languages. Resume parsing tools with multilingual support can accurately extract information from resumes written in different languages. This feature eliminates language barriers and ensures fair evaluation of candidates from diverse backgrounds.

Streamline Your Recruitment Process With Resume Parsing

Resume parsing technology allows recruiters to focus on the more human side of recruitment, like interviews, and leave the more tedious, low-value tasks to automation. CV parsing turns the arduous job of resume reading into a swift process. 

The best resume parsing software can seamlessly integrate with ATS platforms, providing a holistic recruitment solution. It can be customized to tailor-fit your organization perfectly, allowing you to focus on the specific applicant criteria that you want.

Automating the resume screening process enables your business to save time, reduce costs, improve accuracy, and enhance the candidate experience. 

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