Finance Recruitment: Find top talent for financial wins.

Intelligent Talent Acquisition for giants including BNP Paribas and BlackRock, Oleeo enables data-driven recruiting – helping finance recruiters to pinpoint top talent, align talent with business needs, and recruit more competitively.

Solving top challenges in finance recruitment

Oleeo’s finance recruitment software is ideal for recruiters working in accounting and finance services. Discover how our intelligent programming can put the right candidates in your hands, and give you the tools you need to succeed.

Pinpoint Top Candidates For Success

Leveraging artificial intelligence to automatically score candidates for interview selection and next steps, Oleeo Intelligent Selection helps you identify top candidates and improve quality of hire, while accelerating recruiting processes and removing bias from the equation.

Excel at High Volume Hiring

With AI and bulk processing embedded throughout, Oleeo’s intelligent automation lets you accelerate recruiting processes, hiring for volume roles quickly and with less administrative burden on recruiters.  Hire at high volumes with minimal stress in the process.

Differentiate your Employer Brand

Oleeo enables you to engage diverse talent with content that speaks to your values and culture, through branded career sites, hiring events, and tailored candidate nurture campaigns. The technology helps ensure you can amplify and differentiate your employer brand and value propositions.

Improve Offer Acceptance Rates

From sourcing, nurturing, and screening, to interviewing and extending the offer, intelligent automation speeds the process and helps finance recruiters find more time for what matters: human conversations. With Oleeo, recruiters improve acceptance rates and fast track top talent without sacrificing quality.

Increase Security Of Your Recruitment Data

Regularly audited to meet industry and government standards, Oleeo ensures the tightest, up-to-date security measures are implemented and monitored using regular security audits, compliance checks and protection of sensitive data. Oleeo is accredited to ISO-27001 standards.

Achieve Diversity & Inclusion Goals

With Oleeo, you can gain deep analytic insights into the state of D&I in recruiting and use tools like Intelligent Selection and Intelligent Writing to hardwire D&I into your processes, creating inclusive candidate experiences and achieving your diversity goals – all capabilities are embedded throughout.

Ensure Referral Compliance

Oleeo’s referral tracker helps recruiters maintain compliance, while allowing employees with real-time access to status and payments.

Candidate Experiences for Any Type of Hiring

Oleeo offers the ultimate candidate experience to help finance firms stay ahead of mounting competition from the private sector and start-ups.

Make Recruiting Events Easy

Oleeo makes the management and execution of recruiting events more efficient, so candidates can be captured and nurtured in a banking and finance services pipeline immediately.

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Finance Recruitment FAQs

Setting up your finance recruiting has never been easier than with Oleeo. We can work with you to make sure that our technology is programmed to your business needs, with full customisation that ensures that you find the highest quality candidate to turn into skilled finance professionals for your firm.

The AI that we use in our finance recruiting software removes unintended biases from the recruitment process. This means that you will reach a wider range of candidates who better reflect your customer and client bases.

Whether you need to recruit in high numbers will depend both on the size of your financial services company, and your expected growth. Contact us today to discover if you could benefit from Oleeo software.