Inform Strategy.
Automate Tasks.

Oleeo’s built-in automation and intelligence free your teams to focus where it counts – winning the best, diverse talent faster.

Why Recruiting Enablement?

Purpose Built to Enable Your Talent Teams

The Oleeo Recruiting Enablement Platform has you covered end to end.


Oleeo Recruit

Oleeo integrates with the tools and technologies you’re already invested in. From core HR systems and video interview tools, to assessments, background checking, and job aggregation, we’ve been integrating third party technologies with the Oleeo platform for 25 years.


Oleeo Engage

Oleeo Engage arms recruiters with the data they need to nurture relationships with any type of candidate and automate more inclusive experiences that deliver the right messages at the right times putting engagement at the heart of talent acquisition.


Oleeo Insights

Answering your most important recruiting questions, Oleeo Insights includes pre-built analytics dashboards that cover a range of topic areas, helping you to go from “what” to “so what” to “now what.”

Oleeo Feature Sheet

Oleeo Events

Oleeo streamlines recruiting events by automating the tasks that otherwise distract from an engaging, memorable experience –  keeping recruiters focused on engagement.

Products to help focus on data-driven results

Oleeo products shift recruiting from reactive to proactive by putting data at the heart of better decisions and stronger outcomes.

Reactive Recruiting

Recruiting Enablement

Reactive Recruiting

Recruiting Enablement


Cut recruiting timelines in half

Accelerate time to hire while decreasing recruiter workloads. Oleeo’s Intelligent automation and bulk processing help recruiters source, select and engage top talent faster than ever.


Hire talent: as fast as 3 days

Win top talent for your most critical roles by hiring them faster than your competitors. With Oleeo recruiters tailor workflows that pinpoint, nurture and expedite the most qualified candidates.

Diversity & Inclusion

Improve D&I by as much as 60%

Move DE&I from a compliance goal to competitive strategy with  deeper insights into recruiting performance. Hardwire unbiased writing and selection data into your processes from the start.

Do more with less.

Help your recruiters hit the goals that matter most.

Achieve your diversity hiring goals.

From giving you insights into recruiting diversity, to helping you debias job postings and ensuring you engage candidates inclusively - Oleeo is designed to inform your D&I strategies and achieve your goals.

Lighten your recruiter workloads.

With volumes of applications increasing rapidly, Oleeo reduces administrative burdens on recruiters – automating tasks from job posting to interview scheduling, candidate engagement to pre-boarding and more.

Inform your decisions with analytics.

The future of recruiting is evidence-led. Gain deep insights into what’s working, what’s not, and how to fix it. Oleeo offers data-driven insights into key topic areas, all pre-built and ready to go for you, lit up with your data.

Handle high volumes with confidence.

Whether they are your first applicant or your ten thousandth, every candidate deserves consideration. Oleeo offers unmatched automation and bulk processing capabilities, and AI-enabled capabilities.

Make virtual recruiting more personal.

Don’t lose the personal touch when recruiting goes virtual. Ensure your candidate journey is suited to virtual needs. Oleeo makes it easy to meet candidates wherever they are with inclusive experiences for any device.

Differentiate campus & early year recruiting.

Oleeo has decades of experience in making it easier than ever to connect, engage and and make a lasting impression on future talent. Our expertise means future leaders get the best possible start to their careers.

Meet the leaders with the Oleeo advantage

Our resources library includes a selection of customer stories where Oleeo has helped to transform talent acquisition.

Meet the leaders with the Oleeo advantage

Our resources library includes a selection of customer stories where Oleeo has helped to transform talent acquisition.