AI Recruiting

What is AI Recruiting?

Artificial intelligence is helpful in a variety of business settings. When it comes to recruitment, it is incredibly convenient.

AI recruiting is when artificial intelligence helps with an HR department’s recruitment process. A human makes all the decisions during ordinary recruitment, from which resumes to flag and which candidates to interview. With AI, the machine does the work by using data that an employee inputs. It automates repetitive tasks while using machine learning to screen candidates.

When an organization uses AI software, HR is free from reading and analyzing hundreds of job applications, which is time-consuming. The software scans each application far faster than any human could and flags the candidates who meet the job requirements best.

Automation that comes with AI Recruitment is also a huge time-saver. Repetitive tasks like interview scheduling become fully automated, making the entire recruitment process much more efficient. It is beneficial for both employer and candidate.

As AI is all data and automation, human bias is not as present. As well as eliminating prejudices, it also ensures the candidates put forward are entirely qualified, with the right experience and skills for the available role. It’s important to notethat AI can be biased if the data someone has input also has bias.

AI software for recruitment has been shown to save time, money and decrease turnover. This is why it’s such a crucial addition to any HR recruitment process.