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Industry Expertise: Professional & Business Services

Become a magnet and hire the best business professionals.

Oleeo works with business management consultancy providers including L.E.K Consulting & Newton Europe and is proven to cut renege rates and increase diversity.

Solving top recruitment challenges for professional & business services.

High Application Volume

Intelligent automation and bulk processing tools free recruiters to tap into more sources for talent without fear of high application volume. Oleeo’s prescriptive recommendations help recruiters see the highest quality candidates instantly.

Slow Time to Hire

From sourcing, nurturing and screening, to interviewing and extending the offer, intelligent automation speeds the process and helps recruiters find more time for what matters – human conversations. With Oleeo, recruiters improve acceptance rates and fast track top talent without sacrificing quality.

Limited Diversity & Inclusion

Remove bias and unleash the potential of more diverse teams. Oleeo delivers an evidence-based method to identify and remove unconscious bias in recruiting that has many firms ignoring or accidentally discriminating against qualified, diverse candidates. With the ability to tap more sources, you can improve diversity and connect with untapped potential before the competition.

Referral Compliance

Streamline the process and make sure it stays compliant. Oleeo’s referral tracker helps recruiters maintain compliance and see who made the referral while allowing employees real time access to status and payments.

International Languages​

Oleeo for Professional Services empowers consistent communication across every manager, recruiter and candidate touchpoint, supporting unlimited languages.

Multiple Hiring Workflows

Oleeo for Professional Services offers flexible workflows and end-to-end recruiting to keep every hiring strategy in the same system.

Event Management

Oleeo helps to manage the planning & data capture for recruiting events including assessment days so that candidates can be captured and nurtured in a pipeline as soon as they engage with the business.

Robust security

Our technology is regularly audited by our customers and always passes the robust security processes that must be in place for data governance.

Innovation at its core

Oleeo makes sures Professional Services Talent Acquisition teams can stay ahead in innovation offering advanced recruiting tools such as interactive reporting dashboards; machine learning algorithm selection shortlisting; marketing & advertising ROI tools and gender de-biasing tools for job advert text.

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