Outplacement Agency

What is an Outplacement Agency?

An outplacement agency provides career services to employees leaving a job and looking for a new career. The agency’s task is to coach the former employee, ensuring they are fully prepared for the next step in their career journey.

Some of the ways an outplacement agency helps include coaching for interviews, helping with job searches, testing for career assessments, and creating a personal brand for the employee to market themselves. It’s not just about helping them find a job – it’s about helping find one that is right for their skills, experience, expertise, and preference.

Many organizations use outplacement agencies for their leaving employees as part of their severance package. If a company needs to lay off an employee, they can offer this service to help them find their next suitable career. The organization fully pays for this, which means the former employee isn’t out of a job for too long, which would be crucial for longstanding employees who may be lost without some career guidance.

There are plenty of reasons organizations make use of outplacement agencies for their leaving employees. It’s not just the employees that benefit; it’s the organization as a whole that benefits, too. Letting an employee go is never easy, but providing aftercare helps with the severance process. Plus, providing care when laying off employees helps boost an organization’s reputation as an employer.