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ATS software: The purpose built applicant tracking system designed for high-volume recruitment.

Upgrade your recruiting process with Oleeo’s applicant tracking system! ATS software is just what your hiring teams need to connect with top candidates. Discover how our software solutions can help you.

Oleeo Recruit is the applicant tracking system that your recruiting process needs!

Oleeo Recruit, our next generation ATS software, builds AI and automation into every step of the recruiting process and will even help to improve the entire hiring process. Applicant tracking systems (ATS) work to free up the time your hiring managers spend on admin with recruiting software, and empower your team to attract, engage and land the best talent.

At Oleeo, we understand that you and your hiring managers juggle a multitude of tasks, and a complex hiring process takes valuable time away from your busy schedule. We want to streamline your recruiting process and make your talent acquisition as smooth and simple as possible, connecting with talented and qualified job seekers so that you can grow your business in exciting new directions.

There are many applicant tracking systems out there, but with Oleeo you can rest easy knowing that your hiring managers have maximum control over our HR tools, letting you employ as much or as little automation as you like.

Why choose Oleeo's applicant tracking software for your business?


Our ATS platform is completely customizable

Unlike other job applicant tracking systems, Oleeo doesn’t believe in a one-size-fits-all approach. Our applicant tracking software is fully customizable, and our team will build workflows to match the current processes of your hiring managers.

Oleeo’s platform molds around your needs, rather than you having to change your needs to fit us. Enhance the recruitment process for your staff and hiring managers, and improve the candidate experience with our applicant tracker.


Attract more diverse talent with the best ATS software

With intelligence built-in to every step of the process, Oleeo’s ATS recruiting software will help you attract more diverse and qualified candidates by removing unconscious bias and de-biasing job posts. Utilizing the AI in a top applicant tracking system, you can remove bias that is present, however unintentionally, in recruitment, making this the perfect solution for ensuring fairness and diversity in your hiring process.

When your company is more diverse, you’ll be in a better position to accurately represent and cater to the needs of your customers and clients.


ATS recruiting software enables you to hire faster than ever before

Utilising the power of AI and automation, our applicant tracking system can reduce your time to hire by 50%. Freeing up valuable admin time whilst enabling your hiring managers to source the very best talent.

By speeding up your recruitment process, you’ll save time and quickly introduce skilled employees to your company, helping your growth and success. This makes an applicant tracking system the ideal solution for businesses looking to hire the best talent.

Attract high quality candidates with the Oleeo online applicant tracking system

Attract highly qualified candidates with a wide range of features that not only improve the hiring process but creates a better candidate experience.

Oleeo’s applicant tracking system utilizes AI and automation to flag the candidates best suited for your vacancy based on their CV and answers to free text application questions. Your recruiting managers can then focus on top quality candidates, whilst automation built into the system can gently let down those who aren’t qualified. You and your hiring managers benefit from improved candidate screening and better candidate relationship management.

Oleeo Recruit applicant tracking system Features

Dynamic Workflows

Use ATS software to leverage data to automate tailored workflows across the source, select, and hire lifecycle. Our applicant tracking system will allow your hiring managers to reduce the time-to-hire and get your new employees up and running.

Intelligent Job Posting

The Oleeo online applicant tracking system allows you to be smarter with your recruiting and target the best candidates with programmatic job postings and ad campaigns that help you find the right person for the role and your next great company asset.

Recruiting software such as our applicant tracking system allows you to target qualified candidates that are best suited to the vacancy by creating a more accurate job description and posting to multiple job boards.

Intelligent Writing

Oleeo’s intelligent ATS flags wording that is gender biased in job postings, suggesting alternative phrases that are more neutral. Helping you source more gender-diverse applicants who can bring new perspectives to your company culture.

Intelligent Selection

Oleeo's online applicant tracking system, designed with built-in intelligent automation for candidate screening, highlights great applicants and filters out unqualified candidates. Significantly reducing your talent acquisition admin.

Tailored Applications

Employ ATS software to ensure an exceptional candidate experience with tailored application forms and social capabilities. When job seekers have a positive experience with your hiring process, it can contribute to their overall performance and help them demonstrate why they're the best candidates for the role.

Plus, when it comes to recruiting for your next vacancy, they may even offer up employee referrals which can lead to more in-house talent acquisition!

Manage Candidates

Applicant tracking systems allow you to manage candidates through automation and better organization: create flags, add priorities, leverage evaluation forms, capture notes, rejection reasons, and more.

The amount of automation you use is entirely up to you; you can tailor our applicant tracking system to conduct a wide range of steps, including video interviewing, or you can simply use it to track candidates.

Maximize your talent acquisition potential with applicant tracking systems

Improve the hiring process of your firm and make better use of your hiring managers’ time with Oleeo’s applicant tracking systems.

ATS Software FAQs

Applicant tracking systems are HR software that scans CVs for specific keywords (aka Resume Parsing), whether they’re sent to you directly or submitted via job boards. The chances are the ideal candidate for your vacancy will be naturally using these keywords when they talk about themselves and their previous experience, making an applicant tracking system the ideal solution for your talent acquisition process

The best applicant tracking systems are the ones that cater to your needs as a business, not the other way around. That’s why at Oleeo, we’ve ensured that our applicant tracking software can be adapted to suit your company. Whether you’re looking for dynamic job postings, High Volume Hiring or increased organization of your applicant tracking, Oleeo lets you take the lead.

Applicant tracking systems work by overhauling the hiring process, aiming to make recruitment easier for your hiring managers. They give you the ability to pre-screen your applicants, filtering out the ones that meet your basic requirements to save you time and reduce your time to hire. 

Our Diversity Recruitment Software will reduce bias in your hiring by using artificial intelligence to help with your advertising, but you can improve applicant experience by tailoring applications to each job vacancy that you have.

Any type of company can benefit from an ATS. Whether you’re a private or public sector organization, Oleeo’s ATS can be customized to fit your unique recruitment processes. Oleeo works with recruiting process outsourcing (RPOs) organizations who use Oleeo’s technology for their wide range of clients.

By streamlining your recruitment, you will not only save yourself valuable time, but you’ll find that you’re interviewing a higher quality of candidate.

By relying on the AI that ATS software has to offer, you’ll start to reach a more diverse selection of candidates that can take your company in an exciting new direction. 

Good ATS software is fully customizable to your needs as a recruiter. This means that you can select the specific parameters that you need and cater your recruitment to each individual job vacancy. This will allow you to find the best possible person for the job in the shortest amount of time.

The question should never be, ‘will your recruitment process suit ATS software.’ The customizable nature of ATS software means that it can suit and enhance any recruitment process, creating a more streamlined and effective hiring process.

Oleeo’s applicant tracking solution filters out the candidates that don’t meet the basic requirements you’re looking for. The Recruitment Technology then uses keyword recognition to match the best candidates with your job opening.

These features are fully customizable, meaning that you can cater your software to the range of job openings that you might have, limiting the chance of the perfect employee slipping through the cracks.

The automation of the Oleeo applicant tracking system helps to improve the hiring process and reduce the repetitive tasks that often take up the valuable time of your recruiting team members.

By implementing Recruitment CRM into your candidate sourcing, you’ll be able to post jobs, identify potential candidates, screen candidates, conduct video interviewing, and undertake performance management with just a few clicks.

Oleeo’s online applicant tracking system allows both in-house recruitment teams or a recruitment agency to increase their productivity; simply streamline recruitment processes in your firm!

Let us help your hiring managers make your hiring process simple, efficient, and successful!

At Oleeo,  we also work with a number of huge RPOs. These recruitment process outsourcing organizations essentially take Oleeo’s ATS and use the platform across their clients. 

While the features and service are the same as any other Oleeo customer, from making job postings to a variety of job boards to creating engaging applications that draw in the most qualified job seekers and even automatically scheduling your video interviewing, the RPO organization will have the added benefit of being able to log in to one platform to view activity across all their different clients. Moreover they will have access to centralized reporting capabilities like dashboards, to give a quick overview of performance.

By implementing an applicant tracking tool, you’ll ensure that your recruitment process is more efficient.

Applicant tracking systems work by providing intelligent automation to ensure that your HR managers, hiring teams, and even recruitment agencies are using their time in the most valuable way.

The manual process of searching the talent pool for the best candidates for your job vacancies takes time. However, with the Oleeo applicant tracking system, you’ll speed up the recruitment process, reduce time-to-hire, and get the best candidates for the job moving through the recruitment funnel and hired as quickly as possible.

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