Hiring Pool

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What is a Hiring Pool?

A hiring pool is a group of candidates who have applied to a particular role. It is also sometimes known as an applicant pool. It’s formed of anyone who has applied, including underqualified candidates to the most experienced candidates who will likely get an interview. The employer’s job is to take the hiring pool and narrow it down until the perfect candidate is chosen.

The hiring pool varies in size depending on the type of job, how much experience is required, and what the organization is. There are also variants when it comes to who applies, too. If the position is a high-level senior role, the applicants will likely be experienced and highly trained. For jobs that require little experience or qualifications, the hiring pool will be a little more mixed.

Once employers have a hiring pool for a position, they must go through screening, interviewing, and communicating with candidates. There are lots of tools to help with this process, as it can be a lengthy one. Career assessments, applicant tracking software, and automation will streamline the recruitment process and help ensure the candidate chosen is the right fit.

Not everyone in the hiring pool will be the right fit for the particular position. That doesn’t mean all will be cast aside by the employer, however. If a highly-qualified candidate doesn’t quite get the role, the employer might still keep their records for their talent pool, as they could make an excellent fit for a future position in the organization.

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