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Oleeo Recruitment Reporting

Data-rich visual reporting.

Pre-built suite of talent acquisition and reporting analytics to help recruiters identify where recruitment efforts are succeeding or falling short to optimise your organisation’s recruitment strategy.

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Simplify your recruitment reporting

Take the stress out of talent acquisition with Oleeo recruitment reporting 

Oleeo’s reports have a series of pre-built metrics, analytics and visuals to help recruiters and talent acquisition experts identify trends, peaks and troughs.

And the best bit? Oleeo Insights provides recruiters with key insights into how to help your company achieve and exceed your recruiting goals.

Recruitment reporting your way with Oleeo.

Oleeo Recruitment Reporting Features

Our fantastic talent acquisition software provides you with talent acquisition reporting and analytics to give you a greater insight into your recruitment requirements.

Pre-built talent acquisition reports

Recruiters and talent acquisition experts can easily report on key metrics at every step of the hiring funnel.

Keep data secure

All Oleeo talent acquisition reports are compliant with the latest data protection and privacy laws and frameworks.

Exceed your goals

Use Oleeo talent acquisition reports to inform key business decisions and optimise your recruitment strategies for success.

Track results in real-time with recruitment reporting

Analyze the trends, successes and red flags of your recruitment efforts quickly, accurately, and responsively.

Visualise your data

Bring your stats to life with our data-rich, visual reports which make it easy to understand the story behind the figures.

Seamless integrations

Add to your data with ease - Oleeo integrates seamlessly via API or through a simple spreadsheet upload.

Oleeo Insights Modules

Diversity Analytics

Diversity Benchmarking

Tools to complement Oleeo Insights

Oleeo Recruit
Oleeo Recruit.

Halve your time to hire with Oleeo's cloud-based applicant tracking system. Our AI technology helps recruiters sift through thousands of applications in minutes. in minutes.

Recruitment software to halve your time to hire
Intelligent Writing
Intelligent Writing.

Boost the diverse appeal of your job vacancies with Oleeo’s Intelligent Writing - helping you to identify and remove overly masculine wording from your job adverts.

Visual representation of Oleeo Intelligent Writing
Nurture your talent pool
Nurture your talent pool.

Our candidate relationship manager (CRM) will help you to automate workflows and nurture relationships with those in your talent pool.

Multi-Channel Marketing Campaigns for Talent Pool Engagement
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Recruitment Reporting FAQs

Talent acquisition is the ongoing process of finding new skilled workers for an organisation. It is a more in-depth process than simple, traditional recruitment, it’s about finding the best people, with special skill sets, for jobs that require strategic hiring. Talent acquisition can help you to build a stronger company and allow you to grow in exciting new directions.

Recruitment reporting is essential for any business looking to grow. Without understanding your recruitment and acquisition trends, it can be hard to know where to invest your resources. Metrics can be hard to understand, so the reports given by our recruitment reporting software uses dynamic visual data to give you a clear picture of your talent acquisition journey. 

Talent acquisition reporting is best done through a dedicated software that can provide you with the valuable insights that you need to gain a full understanding of where to place your resources as well as the next steps you need to take in order to grow your company. 

With our software, you can benefit from pre-built metrics that will give you fast, easy to read results.