Talent Pooling

What is Talent Pooling?

Talent pooling is a way for employers to keep records of potential employees. A talent pool is a database of these candidates, which often includes past employees, past candidates who didn’t quite make the cut, university students, and other professionals with expertise.

Every person in the talent pool is highly qualified and would make an excellent fit in the organization.

The talent database contains all the appropriate information about the candidates that the organization might need to refer to in the future. It shows the name, skill set, experience, and qualifications of the talent.

It usually also details whether the person would make a good fit in terms of the company culture. All of these details ensure an organization can make better hiring decisions when reaching into the talent pool to fill a job opening.

Organizations build a solid talent pool over time. It’s not just about putting the information of talented candidates into the system, though.

For more effective talent pooling, organizations must maintain relationships with each person to keep them interested in the company. That way, when the time comes to hire for a new role, there’s a greater chance someone from the talent pool wants the job.

Recruitment is a lengthy and costly process for employers, especially when done from scratch. With a talent pool built, employers don’t have to start from the beginning and the Time to Hire can be reduced. Not only does it save time and money, but it also ensures the organization ends up with only the best talent.

A talent pool is not to be confused with an Applicant Pool. Read our definition to understand how they differ.

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