High Volume Hiring

High Volume Hiring

High Volume Hiring: Stay Seamless at Scale.

With AI and bulk processing embedded throughout, Oleeo’s intelligent automation takes talent from application to interview in as little as 35 minutes, application to hire in three days, and application to rehire in less than five minutes. Whether it’s campus programs, retail and hospitality industries, seasonal workers or anything else, Oleeo helps you stay focused when the volume gets turned up. 

Volume Hiring Software for Recruiter Effectiveness

Improve quality of candidates in high volume hiring

Give your recruiters deeper insight into what’s working and how they can continuously improve.

With Oleeo for High Volume Hiring, recruiters can access pre-built metrics, analytics, and visuals that help them pinpoint best-fit candidates, understand their best sources, and widen their reach.

Volume hiring software is customisable, enabling you to find candidates through a range of avenues, including social media, and set specific parameters that filter out the CVs of candidates who do not meet the minimum requirements for the job role. This will leave you with a wide range of high quality candidates that meet your mass hiring needs.

Volume Hiring Software for Recruiter Equity

Remove bias and widen reach in high volume hiring

Give your recruiters more equitable processes and workflows when hiring at scale by scaling their reach and rooting out human bias from the whole equation. The artificial intelligence that is used in volume hiring software removes bias from the candidate selection and filtering, leaving you with a diverse selection of candidates and allowing you to create a company culture that better reflects your community of customers.

With Oleeo Intelligent Selection, recruiters have the freedom to consider all candidates and automatically score them based on tailored advanced analytics and historical success data, meaning that your volume hiring software will leave you with the highest quality candidates, all of whom will meet your company needs.

Why Choose Oleeo for Your ATS Recruitment Software

Our ATS is Completely customisable

Unlike other applicant tracking systems, Oleeo doesn’t believe in a one-size-fits-all approach. Our system is fully customisable, and our team will build workflows to match your current processes. Fit Oleeo around your needs, rather than change your needs to fit with Oleeo’s ATS software, and enhance the recruitment process for your staff and improve candidate experience.

Attract more diverse talent with ATS software

With intelligence built-in to every step of the process, the Oleeo ATS recruitment software will help you attract more diverse candidates by removing unconscious bias and de-biasing job posts. When your company is more diverse, you’ll be in a better position to accurately represent and cater to the needs of your customers and clients.

Recruit faster than ever before

Utilising the power of AI and automation, our ATS software is guaranteed to reduce your time to hire by at least 50%. Freeing up valuable admin time while enabling you to source the very best talent. By speeding up your recruitment process, you’ll save time and quickly introduce skilled employees to your company, helping your growth and success.

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FAQs about High Volume Hiring

High volume recruitment is the process of hiring a large number of candidates within a relatively short space of time. It typically occurs when companies need to fill several positions at the same time. Think retailers who need additional staff during seasonal spikes like Christmas or a hotel chain opening in a new location. You might also hear it referred to as mass hiring, volume hiring, or bulk recruitment.

Depending on the size of your business, high volume recruiting is something of a relative term. The numbers can range from dozens to hundreds or even thousands. It all depends on a company’s size, industry, and exact needs.

The sheer scale of applications often makes the high volume hiring process a testing and laborious one. Recruiters need to manage a large influx of applications, ensure consistent candidate screening and assessment, maintain a positive candidate experience throughout the entire process, and streamline communication and coordination among hiring teams.

It’s almost impossible to tackle mass recruitment without some kind of technological assistance. Oleeo’s ATS Software can help you attract more diverse and qualified candidates and reduce your Time to Hire by 50%. We use AI and automation to highlight the candidates best suited for your vacancies. Bulk processing capabilities and customisable dynamic workflows dovetail smoothly to make high volume recruitment less of a burden.

High volume hiring is full-on but organizations have several strategies at their disposal to help with the process. With Oleeo, for example, you can deploy customisable volume hiring software to locate candidates across a range of areas, including social media, and then use razor sharp analytics to narrow in on the best ones. Craft your parameters so that you only end up with the most suitable people in your final Candidate Pool.

While mass hiring can often seem a little impersonal due to the sheer number of applicants before you, it’s vital to maintain a positive candidate experience throughout. Provide clear and timely communication, set realistic expectations about the hiring timeline, offer personalised feedback whenever possible, and ensure a user-friendly application process. Solid Recruitment CRM software can help you do just this.

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