Oleeo Virtual Recruiting.

Engaging and efficient virtual recruiting from anywhere

Stay efficient no matter where candidates, recruiters and hiring managers need to connect. Our virtual recruiting tools help to target the most qualified candidates in the talent pool and streamline your hiring process.

From interviews and feedback, to offers and the onboarding process, Oleeo scales your virtual recruiting strategy without sacrificing a great candidate experience for everyone.

Improve your overall recruiting strategy with virtual recruiting events that allow you to connect with more candidates and minimise costs such as interview expenses.

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Virtual interview scheduling simplified

Get the most out of your interview process and introduce virtual meetings to your recruiting strategies. Recruiting virtually is easier than ever with Oleeo software tools.

Automate scheduling

Schedule a single interview on the fly, or thousands of them all at once. Oleeo virtual recruiting makes scheduling fast and efficient for recruiters, and simple and convenient for candidates and hiring managers.

Improve speed of hire

Go Paperless

From formal offers and contracts to completing pre-onboarding tasks, Oleeo virtual recruiting accelerates the hiring process by replacing outdated paper processes that slow everyone down.

Harness Oleeo Integrations

Bring Your Own Tools

Oleeo virtual recruiting offers virtual interview technology, but if you’ve already invested in best of breed video interview and virtual career fair solutions, we’ve built integrations that will guarantee ROI.

Turn up the volume on data-driven results

Uncertain times call for data confident decisions. Employers that use data to automate decisions dramatically reduce bias, improve hiring quality and move faster than the competition.

Reactive Recruiting

Recruiting Enablement

Virtual recruiting features

Oleeo Recruit includes virtual recruiting tools to help improve both the candidate and hiring manager experience, whilst freeing up valuable admin time.

Self schedule interviews

When a candidate applies for a job, they’ll have the opportunity to self-schedule their interviews. This makes it easier for hybrid or remote employees, thus improving their overall candidate experience.


Video interviews are fully integrated into the platform, meaning that video links are auto generated, saving you from manually creating each meeting and sending them personally to each candidate.

Pre-recorded interviews

Oleeo’s virtual recruiting software also offers you the ability to conduct pre-recorded and one-way video interviews, making it easier for those hiring teams who have to interview in high volumes.

Calendar integrations

Fully integrate Oleeo’s virtual tools with your existing calendar to ensure you never double book or miss a meeting again.

Psychometric testing

For recruiters searching for a specific type of candidate, psychometric testing is an additional feature to help you qualify talent.This will also help to avoid misaligned candidate expectations for the role you’re offering.

How Oleeo's virtual recruiting helped our clients improve their recruiting process

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Virtual Recruitment FAQs

Virtual recruiting is a valuable tool for connecting with a wide range of talent, conducting video interviews or arranging face to face interviews, and even streamlining the steps you take to introduce candidates to the onboarding process.

Host a virtual job fair, and use video interview techniques to screen candidates; develop virtual onboard training and promote virtual events on a variety of media and platforms. Follow up with participants and implement metric analysis that will help you to monitor your success.

Virtual hiring events are similar to the traditional in person career fairs, in that it’s a great place for talent acquisition professionals to connect with job seekers.

However, with virtual recruitment strategies, such as virtual events, you can connect with a wider selection of talent, such as out of town candidates.

When you implement a virtual hiring process, not only will you be able to target a more diverse range of candidates, but you’ll also help to streamline your recruitment strategies.

If your team are looking to recruit virtually, then Oleeo’s online tools can help them conduct an online assessment of a candidate to decide if they’ll progress to interview stage, and conduct video interviews.

The level of automation you’ll get with Oleeo’s virtual recruiting process is configurable to your needs as a business.

So, whether you want to fully automate your virtual recruiting, or still conduct in-person interviews so that you can have face-to-face interactions that will give you a better idea of whether your candidate will fit with your workplace culture, the choice is yours.

Make virtual recruitment easy with Oleeo.