Cultural Fit

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What is a Cultural Fit?

A cultural fit is something that recruiters consider about candidates during the hiring process. It is a way to ensure the potential employee meshes well with the company in terms of beliefs, values, ideas, and behaviors. It’s not just about ticking all the correct boxes in the job application; it’s about proving they will work well with the people in the company.

When recruiting for a cultural fit, employers must first understand what their company culture is. A way to understand a company’s culture is by looking into its core values, seeing how staff interact, and how the company brands itself as a whole.

Hiring a candidate who is a cultural fit is highly beneficial, as it helps increase staff retention, boost employee happiness, and provides a more positive environment. It does so by making everyone feel like they are part of an aligned team. For example, an environmentalist candidate would work far better for a company that promotes eco-friendly practices. A candidate who prefers a less traditional routine would fit in better at a company that supports flexibility for its employees.

However, recruiting in terms of a cultural fit has been criticized due to its potential bias. As long as a company keeps diversifying the workplace, this shouldn’t be too much of an issue. Many company cultures now directly focus on creating a more culturally diverse workforce as one of their goals.

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