College Recruiting

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What is College Recruiting?

College recruiting, also known as campus recruiting, is the process of finding potential employees from colleges. Usually, big companies with a lot of ongoing hiring to manage do college recruiting. It provides a large pool of excited, high-energy talent to take on entry-level and intern positions.

Companies tend to link with the type of universities that match their work requirements. A tech company, for example, is more likely to search for talent in a science/tech-focused college rather than a humanities-focused one.

To attract the right kind of college talent, companies must work on their employer brand. College students often have an array of options appearing before them throughout their course; it’s up to the company to appeal to the best of the best. Visiting college fairs is a common way of attracting attention, as it gives the employers chance to show their company to a wide range of students. Some of the larger companies even have dedicated campus recruiters, who often work full-time to attract students to work at the company.

There are many reasons companies decide to get on board with college recruiting. If a company has many entry-level and intern positions available, having a college recruitment strategy ensures those roles get filled quickly. It ensures they get filled with qualified candidates who are likely motivated and energetic. On top of that, recruiting from colleges is a great way to boost the employer brand.

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