Mobile Recruiting

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What is Mobile Recruiting?

These days, candidates don’t only search for careers on their desktop computers. This is why mobile recruiting is so popular. It involves including mobile in a recruitment strategy by ensuring all mobile-using candidates can just as easily find and apply for jobs. Not doing so could mean a company loses out on hundreds of capable candidates.

The first step for mobile recruiting is making sure you optimize your career site for mobile use. Doing so ensures that people searching for careers on their smartphones don’t have trouble browsing the website or applying for the job. It’s not as simple as taking what’s on the desktop site and reducing its size, though. For better mobile optimization, it requires a new layout to suit mobile users.

Mobile recruiting also includes using mobile recruiting apps. Many people apply for jobs from their devices every day, so being on a mobile recruiting app ensures as many candidates as possible have access to the application.

For larger organizations, there is also the option of designing and building an app for candidates. Not only is this good for companies that have a high number of applicants, but it’s also helpful in boosting the employer brand.

Some other ways to get on board with mobile recruiting include texting candidates and utilizing social media in the recruitment process. The ultimate goal of mobile recruitment is to make sure that everyone using their smartphone can easily apply to an organization’s job openings.

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