Career Site

What is a Career Site?

A career site is an online site entirely dedicated to building a company’s employer brand and reaching potential candidates. It’s separate from the company website, as it’s only focused on selling the company as an employer.

Career sites have information for job seekers to learn about the company looking to hire an employee. It details the company culture, what it is like to work there, messages from current or previous employees, and job openings for candidates. Its job is to reflect the company as an employer in a positive light. All of this helps potential candidates figure out whether they would be a good fit for the company.

While not every company requires a career site, those with a high number of employees and a frequent need to fill positions greatly benefit from one. You can let candidates come to you with an idea of what you are like as a company. It helps build the employer brand, which is crucial for attracting top talent. Plus, it makes the recruitment process easier and faster. With a career site, qualified candidates reach out to the employer rather than the other way around.

Like any website, a career site needs to be clear, attractive, and user-friendly to appeal to users. The content and quality of the site itself attract the best talent. With the right career site, employers can build a brand that easily attracts the most qualified and capable employees out there.