Passive Candidate

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What is a Passive Candidate?

A passive candidate is the opposite of an active candidate. An active candidate is one that applies to the role, whereas a passive candidate is a person that the organization is interested in hiring who is not actively looking for a job. These candidates are highly skilled and experienced and are often already in another position at a different company. They are highly sought after, which makes the recruitment process more of a challenge.

Hiring a passive candidate doesn’t involve waiting for them to apply, as they aren’t looking for a job. Instead, the employer sources the passive candidate through networking, referrals, and social media. A passive candidate might even be someone who applied for a previous role at the company but just missed out. The employer then puts these candidates into a talent pool to seek out when later desired at the company.

To recruit a passive candidate, the employer usually reaches out over email or phone conversation. The employer comes up with a pitch for the candidate in order to convince them to work for their organization. Seen as the candidate is likely already in a comfortable, well-paid position, the employer must make a great offer. A good employer brand is critical here.

Passive candidates aren’t always the easiest to employ, but there are plenty of benefits to recruiting them. First, recruiting a passive candidate eliminates a huge chunk of the recruitment process, saving time and money. On top of that, the candidates themselves are talented, skilled, and experienced, so they are a great option for high-level positions within an organization.

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