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NHS Recruitment Software: Oleeo Recruit for the NHS.

Oleeo’s NHS Recruitment Software provides end-to-end talent acquisition designed especially for the NHS with integrations to NHS Jobs and ESR.

Helping you hire more diversely and reduce your time to hire!

Our accreditations include: Cyber Essentials & Bsi & Crowm Commercial Service


Solving top challenges for the NHS recruiter at your Trust.

This NHS Recruitment Software provides online recruitment specifically designed for NHS jobs. It will improve your overall recruitment process and create a better candidate experience.

Reduce NHS recruiter workload & improve candidate experience

  • Implement multiple pre-screening criteria to reduce the time spent sifting through unqualified candidates.
  • Oleeo Recruit for NHS is fully mobile optimised to improve user experience.
  • Automate personalised communications to ensure candidates are kept up-to-date and engaged throughout the application process.
  • Pre-employment and right to work check functionality is built-in to flag which checks you’ll need based on the individual’s circumstances with real-time status updates!
Oleeo Recruit - Software
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NHS Recruitment Software puts diversity front of mind

  • Oleeo Recruit for NHS was built to complement the NHS recruitment inclusion framework from end-to-end.
  • Our tech will help you create gender neutral job posts, remove bias from the screening process and seamlessly implement panel interviews.

Nurture your talent pool with our NHS Recruitment Software

  • Our candidate relationship manager (CRM) will help you to automate workflows, create bespoke communications, and build unique landing pages.

  • Oleeo’s built-in internal mobility portal simplifies internal staff redeployment.
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Benefits for recruiters with Oleeo Recruit for NHS.

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Efficient integrations:

Integrated with NHS Jobs and ESR

Oleeo Recruit for NHS seamlessly integrates with NHS Jobs  and the NHS Electronic Staff Record (ESR) – keeping the recruitment process simple.

Save time:

Reduce your time to hire

Dramatically reduce your NHS Trust’s time to hire with automated communications and pre-employment checks.

Stay compliant:

Fully data compliant

All of Oleeo’s technology is compliant with global data protection regulations.

Accelerate Time To Hire Across The NHS

With pre-built application templates, intelligent automation, and bulk processing tools throughout, Oleeo enables you to speed up hiring processes.

Excel at High Volume Hiring

With AI and bulk processing embedded throughout, Oleeo’s intelligent automation takes talent from application to interview in as little as 35 minutes, application to hire in three days, and application to rehire in under five minutes

Differentiate your Employer Brand

Oleeo enables you to engage diverse talent with content that speaks to your values and culture, through branded career sites, hiring events, and tailored candidate nurture campaigns.

Achieve Diversity & Inclusion Goals

 With Oleeo, you can gain deep analytic insights into the state of D&I in recruiting and use tools like Intelligent Selection and Intelligent Writing to hardwire D&I into your processes, creating inclusive candidate experiences and achieving your diversity goals.

Deliver Recruiting ROI at All Times

Oleeo is built to enable recruiters to identify and report on maximum return-on-investment. Oleeo reduces administrative workloads for recruiters and hiring managers alike, and gives candidates a streamlined experience, including self-scheduling of interviews.

Simplify Background Checks

With Oleeo, you can automate pre-employment vetting and DBS checks using online forms, which are pre-populated with previously gathered information, allowing recruiters to process candidates easily and in bulk. We simplify the process!

Report on Your Results With Ease

Oleeo includes data rich dashboards for reporting and tracking. Recruiters can view statuses of openings/vacancies at anytime, and provide instant updates on campaigns.

Meet High Compliance Standards

Regularly audited, Oleeo ensures the tightest, up-to-date security measures are implemented and monitored using regular security audits, compliance checks, and protection of sensitive data. 

Multiple Hiring Workflows

Regardless of your hiring strategy Oleeo for NHS offers flexible workflows and end-to-end recruiting to keep every hiring strategy in the same system. You control your workflows to suit!

Lengthy Application Processes

Pre-built application templates, Intelligent automation and bulk processing tools free recruiters speed up the hiring process irregardless of high application volume. Oleeo’s prescriptive recommendations help recruiters see the highest quality candidates instantly.

Higher Compliance Standards

Regularly audited to meet industry and government standards, Oleeo ensures the tightest, up-to-date security measures are implemented and monitored using regular security audits, compliance checks and protection of sensitive data. We are accredited to ISO-27001 standards.

Competitive Employment Brand

The highly competitive healthcare industry requires talent acquisition teams to compete on more than salary and location. Compete for their attention and engage diverse talent with content that speaks to the values and culture of your brand through branded career sites, hiring events and ongoing nurturing campaigns.

Limited Diversity & Inclusion

Remove bias and unleash the potential of more diverse teams. Oleeo delivers an evidence-based method to identify and remove unconscious bias in recruiting that has many healthcare companies ignoring or accidentally discriminating against qualified, diverse candidates. With the ability to tap more sources, you can improve diversity and connect with untapped potential before the competition does.

Our accreditations include: 


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NHS Recruitment Software FAQs

One of the biggest problems in recruitment, particularly in an industry like the NHS which has an incredible number of positions to fill, is responding to candidates in a timely manner. The automation that comes with our NHS Recruitment Software means that you can keep in contact with your candidates every step of the way, and automatically provide them with updates and information on the next stages of the recruitment process.

At Oleeo, we understand the benefit of having a diverse selection of employees, and this is particularly important in the NHS – after all, you want your staff to accurately reflect the communities that you help. The artificial intelligence in our recruitment software removes any unintended bias from job posts and the hiring process. It will also ensure that your job adverts reach a wide variety of candidates.
If you’re in charge of recruitment at your NHS Trust, then you’ll gain enormous benefits from using recruitment technology. Not only will you reduce the time to hire, but you’ll automate recruitment activities like interview organisation through applicant tracking. Finding talent to fill NHS jobs has never been easier with artificial intelligence, so become the latest NHS recruiter to benefit from Oleeo’s help.

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