What is E-Recruitment?

Social media plays a massive role in e-recruitment. With sites like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, employers can find suitable candidates to fill openings in the company. Companies can ensure their social media profiles are relevant and up-to-date to show potential candidates the benefits of working for the business. With a good, strong web presence, a company can reach the best talent for the role.

Another part of e-recruitment is assessing and analyzing each candidate’s resumes and applications. If a company receives thousands of applicants, recruitment software and systems help them choose the best talent for the role with ease. It can save a company hundreds of hours during the hiring process.

On top of that, e-recruitment provides employers with access to a much larger scope of candidates. Applicants from all over may stumble across the company’s website, job description, or social media post. It helps recruiters find the exact type of employee they are looking for without wasting too much time. From the initial job of attracting candidates to hiring a new employee, e-recruitment ensures efficiency and speed.

The process of recruiting candidates online or by using technology is E-recruitment. It’s a popular process for hiring new employees, as it is cost-friendly, fast, and straightforward. It covers each section of the recruitment process, including attracting applicants, assessing, interviewing, and hiring. For example, recruiters may use ATS software to keep track of each candidate without going through each application manually.