Interview Process

What is an Interview Process?

The interview process is a set of processes that lead to hiring a new employee. It usually consists of writing a job description, choosing the best applicants, conducting interviews, following up with candidates, and then making the hiring decision. The goal is to hire the candidate who best fits both the role and company culture.

Writing the job description is the first task. Employers must detail what the role entails, so that job seekers know whether they are the right fit. Other components of the job description include the expected salary, hours required, the place of work, and the amount of experience required. It’s better to be detailed but concise, as this eliminates too many inexperienced applicants.

The task of choosing the applicants for an interview can be tricky. It’s up to employers to figure out through resumes and cover letters which candidates might make the best choices. Often, employers use recruitment software tools to make this process easier, which is especially handy for companies that receive thousands of applicants.

Employers schedule interviews with the chosen candidates during the interviewing stage to decide who is the best fit. Some companies conduct just one interview per person, whereas others decide to conduct multiple to ensure they make the correct choice. As well as interviewing in-person one-on-one between the interviewer and the candidate, there is also the option of phone interviews, Zoom interviews, and panel interviews.

Once all the other stages are complete, it is time for employers to make the final hiring choice. As this decision affects the entire company, the interviewer often liaises with other staff members.