Campus Recruitment & Early Careers

Discover & attract the best emerging talent with graduate talent acquisition.

Oleeo’s Intelligent Talent Acquisition platform is a best-in-class solution for campus recruiting  and early talent acquisition including capabilities such as intern management, bulk processing of candidates, intelligent selection, and event management. All of which help you shrink the time it takes to hire the best candidates.

Spot Quality Faster with Campus Recruitment Software

Deepen early talent acquisition selection criteria

Hire the best talent to suit your business needs by understanding how to spot what future success looks like. Oleeo’s campus recruitment puts substance behind selection criteria by allowing recruiters and hiring teams to go deeper than CV/resume data and tailor the criteria to signal future success in a role.

Attract with Authenticity

Strengthen your storytelling

Oleeo’s campus recruiting software makes it easy for recruiters to design tailored campaigns and communications that resonate with each unique student audience. Our early talent acquisition places emphasis on candidate experience, ensuring that the best and brightest get the most out of their recruitment process and allowing you to find and acquire the best talent available. 

Diversity & Inclusion in Graduate Recruitment

Tap into more sources of talent

Cast a wider net and build a more inclusive workforce with Oleeo campus recruiting software. Oleeo helps recruiters discover talent from more diverse sources by automating selection criteria and fast tracking best fit candidates. When you acquire a more diverse talent pool, you’ll help to grow your company with quality hires that better represent your customers and clients.

How campus recruitment software has help our clients

Learn more on the Oleeo advantage

Our resources library includes a selection of customer stories where Oleeo has helped to transform talent acquisition.

Campus Recruitment FAQs

Graduate recruitment is the process of finding potential hires for you company from a pool of students about to graduate. Traditionally, employers visited universities in person to promote their companies, and advertise their vacancies, however this is a time-consuming process, and with a greater focus on remote working, it’s more efficient to perform graduate recruitment virtually.

Campus recruitment is a great way to find talented young people at the start of their career paths. The knowledge they have gained at university will be fresh in their minds, and they won’t yet have developed the bad habit of those who have been in the industry for decades. 

Being able to train your employees from the ground up will let you turn them into the ideal employee for your company.

Graduate recruitment is a valuable way to staff your company with exciting new hires. While traditionally this process was done in person, by making the most of virtual graduate recruitment software, such as the products that we supply at Oleeo, you’ll save time without sacrificing the quality of your candidates. 

With our software, you can tailor every recruitment campaign to each role, appealing to the student population on their level, and advertising your company as the place to be if they want to kick off their careers.