Bank of America Campus Recruiting

Bank of America Campus Recruiting

Helping transform Bank of America campus recruiting.

Bank of America campus recruiting (BOA) asked Oleeo to help them achieve digital transformation across the globe in four key areas:

  • To deliver an enhanced candidate experience across all touchpoints
  • To grow in its ability to meet the best and most diverse candidates, wherever they are
  • To operate more efficiently and improve its “time to offer”
  • To improve the assessment of candidates by reducing unconscious bias and being more consistent
Bank of America Campus Recruiting
Using Oleeo Technology


Help the bank to attract more students digitally by meeting them where they are, while also preserving its personal, high-touch approach.

Recognition that campus recruitment is constantly changing, particularly as communication, meeting space and social media platforms change.

Be reactive to the fact that the recruiting process is more competitive and faster than ever.

The bank often competes for talent with new employers, including technology firms and start-ups (as well as its usual industry competitors).


  • Working with BOA, we created a multi-faceted approach to recruiting, combining its physical presence with a robust virtual presence. This allows the bank to better showcase the full suite of services Bank of America.
  • To assist in this education, we created a library of content to help candidates understand the bank’s set of offerings for individuals, businesses and institutions.
  • A new virtual presentation approach added an extra opportunity for the bank to be where its target audience is.
  • Historically, there was a different ATS in each country, so a candidate wouldn’t have the same experience if they applied for more than one position at different times and in different regions around the globe. This resulted in a varied candidate experience and is one important reason why we streamlined this process into a single global approach.
  • The bank also piloted first-round video interviews via mobile devices which has been incredibly successful for candidates and has improved their experience.


BOA’s achievements are significant. Read the full case study to see all of these – here are just a few to highlight:

Today the company spends less time and saves over $200k on coordinating in-person logistics (including travel) – recruiters have more time for attracting, identifying, assessing and selecting top talent.

 With Oleeo, BOA’s campus job application tracking system centralises all applications, which helps to expedite “time to hire” from several months to four or five weeks. -BOA held 30 webcasts for more than 5,000 students across the United States — reaching more candidates than ever before.

First-rounds now include video interviews via mobile devices with a 22% diversity increase overall. Specifically, BOA experienced a 28% increase in the number of female candidates, a 32% increase in the number of Black/African American candidates and an incredible 57% increase in the number of Hispanic candidates “touched.”


Oleeo & BOA jointly won a Brandon Hall Excellence Award for Best Advance in Emerging Talent Acquisition Technology for this work.Click the buttons below to read the case study or talk to us today about how we can assist.

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