Boosting WPP Fellowship recruitment


Helping WPP Fellowship recruitment secure the best emerging talent.

Challenge: WPP is the world’s largest communications services group, employing 190,000 people working in 3,000 offices in 112 countries. Its unique annual Fellowships for graduates and MBAs aim to develop high-calibre management talent with experience across a range of marketing disciplines.

Using Oleeo Technology

The program is unique in its multi-disciplinary approach and is designed to complement the recruitment activities of individual companies. The Fellowship is comprised of three one-year rotations through various WPP companies, with each rotation chosen on the basis of the individual’s interests and the group’s needs.

WPP needed an application system that would handle high volumes of applications – over 1900 in total – and utilise multimedia technology to whittle these down to around one hundred for first interviews.

What led to the need for a new system?

 WPP had established its Fellowship scheme in 1999 but found it was difficult to sift through the high volume of applications to find the best quality candidates for its graduate programme. Despite having a robust peer review programme in place to review applications; it wanted a system that could help with automating the process and use multimedia techniques to help make candidates have to vocally demonstrate why their application should be considered.

Oleeo was able to offer this in its Campus & Early Careers solution through its partnership with Cammio, making video interview functionality available and offering a seamless candidate pre-screening workflow to increase recruitment efficiency.

The new system would make psychometric testing more intuitive for the recruiting panel so they could easily gauge if an applicant has an engaging personality to fit into the marketing and communications business, where while intellect is important, in isolation it is not enough to guarantee success. Good applications have to feel akin to a stimulating conversation with an interesting, interested person.

What did Oleeo deliver?

Oleeo provided WPP with its Campus & Early Careers solution, specially built to helps recruiters with finding, nurturing and hiring the best new talent covering college and school leavers, university/MBA graduates, apprentices and interns. It covers the entire journey of an applicant from attraction and engagement to on-boarding.

The solution included Cammio’s technology, which collaboratively helps to understand the uniqueness of emerging talent recruitment and its long-term nature. Using automated video interviews, WPP was able to bring a more human quality to the selection process, making it easier to identify the strongest candidates early. Asking the applicants for the three people they would invite to a dinner party and why, WPP found great success in gauging their candidates’ personal interests, ambitions and passion.


 Using the Oleeo and Cammio solutions, WPP has strengthened its early engagement and talent identification programming. With the new video selection step WPP was able to better select who to interview based on a much richer candidate presentation. Candidates were given the opportunity to present themselves as real people, not just words on a page. The firm was able to more tightly define its criteria for whittling down thousands of applications to the 250 or so best applications, and then use this to shortlist more harshly on that group to further reduce the numbers.

The intelligence pooled from the Oleeo system and impressions garnered from Cammio video interviews meant the final selection process was able to be reduced to just spent several days as opposed to several months and reviewers now had more information to hand for reviewing final decisions – being able to read every application and review filmed footage as well as face-to-face interview feedback, in order to make succinct comparisons.

"The process of narrowing down candidates for entry to the WPP Fellowship is always challenging. Technology like that offered by Oleeo and Cammio really does help make the difference and allows us to visualise how an applicant might embody our company values. Shortlisting is much easier with additional human touches in a selection process.We're no longer just rating the words we see on screen, but can have an actual conversation with our candidates hoping to expedite our processes."
Jon Steel
WPP Fellowship Director