Unlock your hidden talent

Talent Rediscovery by Oleeo

Your next great hire could be hiding in plain sight!

Utilizing data driven search and match functionality you can pinpoint candidates for your new roles quickly based on skills, experience, location and more, saving you time and money!

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Highlights suitable candidates from your talent pool

Pinpoint candidates matching your vacancy requirements before you even need to advertize!

Filter and flag potential candidates based on skills and experience

Add, remove and adjust the importance of different skills and experience levels to find your perfect candidate.

Your candidates are dynamically ranked and displayed on how closely they match your current criteria.

Use the skills search bar to fine-tune your results list to search by location, previous industries and more.

Review your shortlisted candidates and invite to apply

Delve into a candidate’s application summary or CV/resume to learn more about their skills, experience and personality.

Your top contenders can then be messaged – either individually or in-bulk – inviting them to apply for your role!

Keep candidates engaged

A great experience can make a huge difference in how candidates interact with your organization. 

Communicating relevant and personalized content throughout the candidate lifecycle can be easily automated, leaving  candidates, even those who aren’t successful with their application feeling valued!

Trusted by some of the biggest organizations across the globe

Benefits for recruiters

Leverage engaged talent

Effectively tap into your bank of engaged applicants who would love to work for you.

Save time and money

Take advantage of your current talent pool to save precious recruiting time and ad budgets.

Fully data compliant

Oleeo’s technology is compliant with global data protection regulations.

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