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nucleargraduates is the sector wide graduate programme for the nuclear industry.

Established in 2007 by the Nuclear Decommissioning Agency, the graduate programme currently has 73 graduates on the programme across two years in direct engineering and scientific disciplines. The programme caters for applied engineering roles in heavily regulated parts of the industry with sponsors including the Environment Agency, Office of Nuclear Regulation and Rolls-Royce.

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Development programs

Development programs

High volume of applications

Main Challenges

Reduced administrative costs by 80%

Nucleargraduates is the sector wide graduate programme for the nuclear industry

graduates on the program across 2 years
0 %
amount by which nucleargraduates have reduced their administrative costs


Nucleargraduates wanted a solution that would handle large volumes of applications from interested students and help it manage its entire recruitment process, making it as easy and straightforward as possible, whilst allowing candidates to demonstrate skills and expertise. This included bespoke application forms & online tests for candidates to provide information on academic qualifications and work experience as well as verbal, numerical and logical reasoning and situational judgement questionnaires. Successful candidates can then complete a 15 minute online video interview at a time / location convenient to them on any device before being invited to a two day assessment centre with feedback recorded at every stage.

“Oleeo provides us with a great application tracking system to help us manage the large volume of applications we receive for each campaign. Their intuitive technology allows me and my team to sift through application forms quickly and easily and move candidates along the system in a time effective manner.”

Anna Byrne, Recruitment & Selection Lead, nucleargraduates

Nucleargraduates needed a brand new system that would…

Why Oleeo and what was the implementation like?

Nucleargraduates use Oleeo’s Intuitive Talent Acquisition platform. Oleeo’s decades of experience in campus & early careers hiring means our solution helps recruiters with finding, nurturing and hiring the best new talent across the entire journey of an applicant from attraction and engagement to on-boarding. The system, with technology from Oleeo partners integrated within it, affords the organization more consistency in the recruitment process and better candidate selection, outweighing the original cost saving benefits. 

“The process provides a robust test of a candidate providing evidence of their suitability for the roles in terms of technical and behavioural competencies “

Debbie Harrison-North, Head of Recruitment, Office for Nuclear Regulation


Key results identified by Nucleargraduates:


graduates on the program across 2 years

0 %

amount by which nucleargraduates have reduced their administrative costs

The Future

Oleeo can support the recruitment goals of the Nucleargraduates to continuously help them to improve their recruitment processes.

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