Accessibility Statement

Oleeo has significant experience in delivering accessible interfaces and our continued commitment to accessibility means we have a dedicated Accessibility Department working with our Design Team and developers to help ensure Oleeo’s interfaces can both meet and keep pace with emerging accessibility standards and assistive technology, currently including NVDA, JAWS, Narrator, Voiceover and Orca screen readers as well as speech recognition software.

Candidate Interfaces are built to AA WCAG 2.2 standards before any solution tailoring, with interfaces designed to support accessibility features. Client specific configuration and branding can impact accessibility, Oleeo will advise.

Recruiter Interfaces largely follow accessibility guidelines with a combined view on efficiency and accessibility. Important accessibility features supported include:

• All major screen functions meet AAA contrast criteria (suitable for those with Protanopia or Deuteranopia colour blindness)

• High contrast theme available recruiter-side to provide additional ease of use regarding colour blindness. This features a limited, semantic colour palette to prevent cognitive overload.

• Interfaces are designed to be responsive to screen size, font size scaling is supported;

• Animated graphics are not used;

• Downloadable code e.g.ActiveX and flash are not used

Oleeo’s interfaces are continuously, repeatedly, independently audited by our clients and tested by ourselves (through both automated software tools and manual testing), as such we are in a continuous cycle of improving and upgrading the accessibility of our interfaces as new standards and technology emerge.