How To Attract and Hire Talent in a Candidate-Driven Market

With the global talent shortage still looming, candidates will likely continue to have the upper hand when looking for work. For employers, this means you have to work harder to attract top talent to your firm. The temptation to fill open positions quickly could lead you to consider candidates that may not be the best fit. But you can put strategies in place to attract top talent to your open positions. Take these steps to stand out to candidates and attract the right talent to your organization. 


1. Become Familiar With Your Candidates

The first step in attracting top talent to your company is to find out what they want in a workplace. Phenomena like the Great Resignation and quiet quitting have been driven by workers feeling stressed and burdened or shifting their priorities in the wake of COVID-19. 

To attract and retain top talent, learn about their priorities and understand how you can meet their needs. Some common factors that influence a candidate’s decision to accept a job include:

  • Flexible scheduling
  • A commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion
  • Company values that match their own
  • Reasonable policies
  • Good benefits
  • Meaningful work

One of the best ways to determine what candidates might want is to ask your current employees. Poll them to see what they like most about your company and use social media and marketing to communicate these perks. 


2. Leverage Your Decision-Making Tools

In a candidate-driven market, you need to act fast. Your candidates are likely interviewing at other companies. Dragging your feet on hiring decisions can be costly. So be prepared. Use data-driven recruiting with Oleeo Global to find the right applicants for each position and reduce your time to hire. 

Use your data to improve the recruiting and hiring process so you don’t lose your best candidates to bottlenecks in your process. Additionally, empower your recruiters and hiring managers to move candidates through the process even if they don’t meet all your criteria. Being flexible lets you fill positions with applicants who may be lacking experience but who are teachable, enthusiastic, and good fits for your business. 


3. Streamline Your Hiring Process

Examine your recruitment practices to see how you can make them more efficient. Candidate-driven recruiting starts with having job descriptions that attract better applicants and ends with being prepared to give an offer shortly after the interview. 

Use applicant tracking systems like those offered by Oleeo Global to manage the process and help ensure speed. These systems let you know how well your current process is functioning and how you can refine it to work better for you. Keep implementing improvements with each new position to shorten the process. 


4. Know How To Sell Your Company

You’re always thinking about how to sell yourself to customers, highlighting how you can address their pain points and benefit them. Apply the same approach to market your company to recruits. Use social media, employee reviews, and other marketing tools to build your reputation as a great employer. 

When you know the benefits sought by top talent, emphasize them on your channels. Highlight the good you do in the community to communicate your values to potential new hires. 

Collect employee testimonials using resources like LinkedIn and Glassdoor to give each applicant a sense of what it’s like to work for you. 


5. Prepare for Each Interview

You’ve likely researched your candidates prior to the interview. Your recruiting team probably has standard questions ready to assess each interviewee’s fit for the job. But many recruiters don’t spend enough time talking about a company’s culture. 

Your culture is a big reason candidates will or won’t accept a job offer. In the olden days, when all interviews were conducted on-site, many applicants would get a tour and a sense of daily life in the office. Now, your talent pool is global, and you’re probably conducting a lot of interviews through a video conference. 

Take time to explain your company’s culture and address related questions with applicants. 


6. Have Contingency Plans in Place

Even after you’ve offered a position, you still may lose a candidate to a competitor. And they may not even do you the courtesy of letting you know they’ve accepted another position. But these steps can help you reduce the risk of being ghosted by your best applicants: 

  • Send out an offer within 24 hours of the last interview
  • Communicate with all your recruits including those you’ve chosen not to hire
  • Send out fair job offers – lowballing isn’t a good idea, so make sure you know what the candidate expects in terms of salary and benefits before making an offer
  • Solicit responses – in your offer letter, include a time frame for follow-up and invite the candidate to meet with you. 

Even if you’ve taken all these steps, you still may experience candidates who disappear before you offer them a position. But when you’re fast with your offers, you may still have time to work with other qualified candidates. 


7. Understand Your Demographics

Within the next five years, the majority of the workforce will consist of millennials and Gen Z workers. These workers’ values differ from those of their Gen X and Boomer counterparts. According to Deloitte, the top five concerns for millennials and Gen Z include cost of living, climate change, and mental health. 

If your company doesn’t have policies in place to address these concerns, you could be missing out on hiring some of the best talent in the workforce for the next decade. Focus on adapting to the needs of younger generations.  


How Oleeo Global Can Help

Oleeo can help you scale your virtual recruiting strategy to attract the best candidates from all over the world. We offer tools that hiring managers need to connect with recruits. Our platform offers data-driven insights you can use to refine your process and jump on qualified candidates before they end up with your competitors.

Sign up for a demo today and learn how Oleeo can help you. 

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