Unlock Hidden Talent With Oleeo’s Talent Rediscovery

Knowing where to look when hiring for a new, skill-specific position isn’t easy. Your next great hire could be hiding in plain sight deep within your existing tools or within your own organization. Oleeo’s Talent Rediscovery can highlight candidates (and existing employees) with the skills needed for your new role, helping you to hire quickly.

Benefits of Oleeo’s Talent Rediscovery 

Oleeo’s Talent Rediscovery uses artificial intelligence to identify the best candidates for your job from the current pool of talent. Before anyone even formally applies, the search functionality will rank and prioritize candidates based on the skills you’re looking for while remaining compliant with applicable data regulations. Not only does this help you hire quality talent quickly, but it can also save you money on recruiting ads and prolonged searches.


Prioritize Skills and Experience

Talent Rediscovery enables you to prioritize the skills and levels of experience you’re looking for in the Applicant Pool. By adding, adjusting, and removing skill criteria, you can sort through different levels of experience or narrow an extensive list down to a few names in a matter of seconds. You can even expand your list of candidates by filtering through potential candidates within your own organization who may have skills similar to what you’re looking for.

Rather than only letting you choose which skills and experiences are important to you, Oleeo’s filters let you adjust and prioritize specific skills and experience over others with an additional focus on inclusive recruiting. This way, you can quickly narrow your search while checking off all important skills to find the best candidate or candidates for the job.


Ranking Candidates Dynamically

The applicant tracking software dynamically ranks and presents all the candidates in your talent pool based on how well they match your needs. From here, Oleeo’s Applicant Tracking System will review resumes, CVs, cover letters, skills, and personalities to see if they’re the right fit for your team. Then, when you’ve found a few ideal candidates from the detailed list, the recruitment CRM allows you to contact your candidate pool either individually or all at once for recruiting at high volumes. 


Skills Search Bar

For a deeper dive into your talent pool, the skills search bar lets you cipher through candidates by other important factors, including their location, previous experience, previous industries, and more. When combined with Talent Rediscovery’s other benefits, the skills search bar adds variables to your employee search and narrows down the best possible candidate with all criteria in mind. This can be especially useful for finding recruits who won’t need to relocate, saving you money and time!


Begin Highlighting Candidates From Your Talent Pool Today

Finding the right candidate for the job will benefit your company for years, so it’s crucial not to cut corners during the recruitment process. Oleeo’s ATS Software is easy to learn, easier to configure, and will save your business time and money. Whether you’re seeking one specialized job candidate or a group of candidates with an assortment of skills, Oleeo has options for you.

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