The Power of Partnership: Oleeo’s Award-Winning Recruitment Journey with Police Scotland

Transforming Police Scotland Recruitment with Oleeo

Transforming police recruitment processes and delivering a candidate-focused experience 

Imagine having to recruit over 1,900 officers and staff every year, across bustling cities, remote islands, and everything in between. That’s the reality for Police Scotland.

Winning the “Best Supplier Partnership Award” alongside them is a tremendous honour, and we’re eager to share the secrets behind our success in police staff recruitment. Discover how Oleeo’s data-driven recruitment platform is empowering Police Scotland to hire faster, smarter, and more inclusively than ever before.

The story of how Police Scotland discovered Oleeo as their ideal recruitment partner started here…

How Oleeo Streamlined the Police Scotland Recruitment Process

Police Scotland wanted to move from a paperwork system which was not in keeping with a modern service and were keen to utilise an ATS which supported the sheer volume of data when recruiting new police officers and police staff. Previously, Police Scotland managed all applications manually and across multiple areas of Police and Staff recruitment. Everything was held on spreadsheets, Excel, and Sharepoint sites. This way of filtering job applications was not as effective as Police Scotland wanted it to be and they wanted to do more to support their candidates better. They were looking for a partnership as much as they were looking for a cutting edge recruitment platform. 

After an open tender process attracting four solution providers, it quickly became apparent that Oleeo was not only the partner of choice for Police Scotland’s recruitment, but was the only partner that could deliver on the rigorous requirements fundamental to their business and the police recruitment process. These requirements were not purely limited to functionality, but spanned concerns such as high-volume hiring, security, hosting services and support. 

Functionality: It was vital for vendor functionality to comply with high data protection standards and allow for DE&I sensitivities and for that, Oleeo was able to deliver some best practice solutions. These included; auto anonymisation of records, data sensitivity and application redaction capabilities allowing for unbiased shortlisting, and watch lists identifying candidates who failed at specific parts in the process.

Customer Success Team: Their goal was to find a supplier who would be a true partner, offering continuous support, understanding their unique needs, and guiding them towards a more advanced police recruitment process. They required both a team and a system that could support their growth. 

Reporting: Reporting and the provision of accurate statistics is a legal duty for Police Scotland, and here Oleeo exceeded expectations with its deep reporting capability.

Volume Hiring: Oleeo are specialists in high-volume hiring and support some of the worlds leading brands with their recruitment process. As the second largest force in the UK recruiting circa 2,000 Police and staff per year, the fact that Oleeo works with financial institutions processing >10,000 applications a day, was a huge relief and another factor in the decision-making process. 

Security & Hosting Services: Oleeo has a proven background working with some of the highest security-conscious organisations and has both ISO27001 & Cyber Essentials Plus certifications. In addition, services are proudly hosted in the UK with a UK based support team, all of which were non-negotiable in the tender and unable to be achieved by the other vendors.

Police Scotland Recruitment: The Results

We are truly honoured to have partnered with Police Scotland on this transformative project, and are inspired by the incredible results we’ve accomplished together as one team. 

Hires: 82,500 applications for 2066 Police Staff and 982 Police Officer hires 

Efficiencies: Initial administration of applications reduced from 12 weeks to 24 hours. Contract generation time reduced from 30 minutes to 9 seconds, saving 1516 hours

Time to hire: Reduced from 6 months to 3 months

Cost savings: 748 self-configuration changes completed in 2023 saving £140,250 in professional service costs

Data Protection: The system has meant Police Scotland have experienced zero data breaches since inception.  

Candidate Experience: The candidate experience is rated as 98.99% (good – excellent). Finalist for the FIRM, 2023 Best Candidate Experience Award!

Product NPS: 18.56% increase in NPS from 2022 – 2023

Service NPS: Initially at 2 due to project frustrations, this has averaged between 9-10 in every other survey conducted, recent scores sit at 10

Reporting Analytics: Police Scotland have confidence in their ability to provide accurate data when required. 32 reports are automatically scheduled to multiple business areas. 168 reports / trackers were also created, allowing for the removal of all spreadsheets. Police Scotland are purely system-based and the word ‘spreadsheet’ is now banned!

Partnership: Oleeo’s dedicated Customer Success Manager empowers Police Scotland to fully leverage their platform’s potential and overcome their unique recruitment challenges. In addition, they  have crafted impactful case studies that showcase their success and share valuable insights at Oleeo’s industry events, driving innovation and progress in law enforcement recruitment.

“Oleeo are not just a supplier to Police Scotland. They are a trusted partner who play a crucial role in our ongoing drive to hire top talent and are an integral part of our success story. Their dedication to excellence and innovation has been instrumental in shaping our journey.

Working for a large public sector organisation brings the challenge of having to be flexible in a rapidly evolving environment. Oleeo support and understand our needs exceptionally well. However the important thing for me is that our team at Police Scotland enjoy working with them. They are friendly, positive, and approachable and that makes all the difference. Oleeo’s branding is ‘More powerful together’ and I truly believe that this is the case.

Police Scotland are proud to partner with Oleeo and look forward to continuing our collaboration and success in the future.” Lorna Allison – ERecruitment systems manager

The final cherry on the cake was the fact that Oleeo works with 33 of the 45 forces within the UK meaning that Police Scotland have joined a community; benefiting from best practice advice unrivalled by any other supplier.

“Our dedicated Customer Success team works hand-in-hand with Police Scotland, ensuring they maximise the potential of our platform to meet their unique recruitment challenges. We’re committed to providing ongoing support, guidance, and expertise to empower their success every step of the way.”  Senior Customer Success Manager, Rebecca Ruddy 

Join the ranks of industry leaders who trust Oleeo’s award-winning technology. Contact us to find out how our innovative solutions can streamline and enhance your recruitment journey.

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