Oleeo’s Talent Re-discovery Tool


Oleeo's Talent Re-discovery Recruitment Tool.

Oleeo’s Talent Re-discovery recruiting tool is centered on making the hiring process smoother, more efficient, and faster for recruiters. It does so by using an intelligence platform that finds you the right candidates before you even have to advertise your job anywhere else. In doing so, you can leverage engaged talent and save time and money on creating ads. Best of all, the Talent Re-discovery technology ensures compliance with data protection regulations for employers and employees alike.

Talent Re-discovery tool features

With our Talent Re-discovery tool, candidates are immediately flagged for you as soon as a vacancy is created. That’s even before you create a job advertisement. You’ll get the best picks based on the criteria you choose, all without having to do the work. Sound too good to be true? Fortunately, it’s not.