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 Automating the referral program through Oleeo has revolutionized Evercore’s tracking process!



Main challenges

Manual processes that were inefficient

Key benefit

Substantially reduced time to hire

A forward-thinking investment bank reaping the benefits of talent acquisition software

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Evercore is a premier global independent investment banking advisory firm. They are dedicated to helping their clients achieve superior results through trusted independent and innovative advice. They advise on matters of strategic and financial significance including, but not limited to, mergers and acquisitions, strategic shareholder advisory, restructurings, and capital structure.


For the past 10 years, Evercore has integrated and leveraged Oleeo’s cutting-edge recruitment technology. Oleeo’s platform has proven to be an invaluable asset, providing an end-to-end talent acquisition system that excels in identifying and securing top candidates. It supports campus, earlier careers and experienced recruiting by accommodating workflows and processes for each hiring type.

“Streamlining the process by adding a dedicated referral field to the applicant report has not only reduced significant time spent on tracking, but it also ensures accuracy in our process.”

Chelsea Herritt, Head of US Campus Recruiting at Evercore

Evercore needed:

  • More automation and less admin
  • More time to focus on value-added tasks
  • Improve candidate, hiring manager and in-house recruiter experience 

The process of managing a high volume of referrals originating from senior leaders at the Firm involved manually tracking each referral during peak season. This method was time-consuming, lacked efficiency and left the team vulnerable to mistakes.The need for an automated approach to handle the influx of referrals was evident.

How did you come up with the solution?

Partnering with Becky, Evercore’s Oleeo Customer Success Manager, proved instrumental in gaining valuable insights and guidance on how we could create a custom automated  process within Oleeo. 

Oleeo’s functionality allows Evercore to track each candidate’s process (ie. applications, interviews, events) in an effective and streamline approach. By integrating Evercore’s referral data into Oleeo, it has allowed for a more robust candidate tracking process.

“We’ve greatly appreciated our collaboration with Oleeo as our applicant tracking system. It streamlined our recruitment processes, automated manual and outdated tasks, ensured data accuracy, and offered a positive, user-friendly application experience for candidates”

Chelsea Herritt, Head of US Campus Recruiting at Evercore



The enhanced referral program has significantly reduced the amount time spent on administrative tasks. The transition from manual to automated tracking through Oleeo has been a game changer and has saved the Evercore recruiting teams several hours of manual work throughout the recruiting season

The system now strengthens accountability and promotes responsibility among those who make hiring recommendations to the Firm. Additionally, the process will extend to experienced hire referrals, incorporating a tracking mechanism for the referral bonus and documenting the sequence of recommendations, thereby providing a transparent and fair process for all parties involved and enhancing Evercore’s lateral hiring strategy.

The Future

Looking ahead, Evercore’s focus involves optimizing its reporting tools to extract even greater value from them.  The goal is to leverage Oleeo’s capabilities to their fullest extent, thus enhancing the efficiency of different reporting processes.

Additionally, the Evercore recruiting team is interested in integrating attendance management into Oleeo to further enhance candidate tracking.

These forward-looking steps align with Evercore’s commitment to continuous improvement by utilizing technology to maximize productivity and operational effectiveness.


Oleeo has 25 years experience of delivering award-winning recruiting solutions across multiple industries.

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