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Police Scotland

Reducing application processing time from 12 weeks to 24 hrs! 



Key benefit

Drastic reduction in time to hire

Main challenges

Manual, admin heavy recruiting

Responsible for policing across the length and breadth of Scotland


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Police Scotland wanted to move from a paperwork system which was not in keeping with a modern service and were keen to utilise an ATS which supported the sheer volume of data when recruiting new police officers and police staff. Previously, Police Scotland managed all applications manually and across multiple areas of Police and Staff recruitment: Everything was held on spreadsheets, Excel, and SharePoint sites. Unfortunately, this way of filtering job applications was not as effective as Police Scotland wanted to be and they wanted to do more to support their candidates better.

It’s an exciting offering because of all the functionality it’s got. Whenever we want to do something new and creative or come up with a solution to a challenge we always find it on our system.

Lorna Allison, Recruiting Sergeant, Police Scotland

Police Scotland needed a brand new system that would…

Why Oleeo and what was the implementation like?

The thought of a completely new way of managing applications was a bit daunting for Police Scotland, but Oleeo was there to guide them at every step. 

Lorna and her team were surrounded by a project team that trained them up in configuration which has worked out really well.  

 “It means that we’ve got the ability to configure it and make it our own and do all the things that we want to do with it.”

From having no previous experience of using an ATS system, Lorna and her team are now able to take the reins themselves making full use of the features.

“I think it’s quite difficult to pick out the key benefit, because there are just so many!”

Lorna Allison, Recruiting Sergeant, Police Scotland


Lorna is astounded by how much Oleeo has saved her time and energy recruiting new police and police staff. 

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Reduction in application processing

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Annual hires

The Future

Lorna and the whole force are now dedicated to changing the way in which they interact and engage with candidates, keep in touch and develop talent, during and after the application process.

They are keen to become really candidate-focused in terms of ongoing engagement and growing talent for the future.

“That’s really important to us because it’s transformed how we behave as well. We couldn’t have done that unless we had the technology.”

Oleeo's Intelligent ATS

Improve your candidate experience whilst reducing recruiter admin.

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