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There’s no doubt about it — the recruiting process can be a headache. It’s an often-arduous process of sifting through endless applications and resumes in hopes of finding a relevant, suitable candidate. Once you’ve found the seemingly right candidate, you must keep track of your communication with them. This process can be made all the more difficult if you’re considering a large bulk of potential hires. Before you know it, precious time, finances and resources have come and gone, and you haven’t even hired someone yet. 

That’s where Oleeo’s Talent Rediscovery comes in to save the day.

With Talent Rediscovery, candidates are immediately flagged for you as soon as a vacancy is created. That’s even before you create a job advertisement. You’ll get the best picks based on the criteria you choose, all without having to do the work. Sound too good to be true? Fortunately, it’s not. We’ll delve into the details below. 

Introducing Oleeo’s Talent Rediscovery

The hiring process doesn’t have to be a drag with Talent Rediscovery.

Oleeo’s Talent Rediscovery is centered on making the hiring process smoother, more efficient, and faster for recruiters. It does so by using an intelligence platform that finds you the right candidates before you even have to advertise your job anywhere else. In doing so, you can leverage engaged talent and save time and money on creating ads. Best of all, the talent Rediscovery technology ensures compliance with data protection regulations for employers and employees alike. As privacy regulations grow stricter around the globe, this is a great advantage to have to avoid any potential legal issues. 

How It Works

So, how does Talent Rediscovery work? It all begins the moment you create a job vacancy. Right away, the tool searches and highlights candidates from your talent pool. You’ll first be presented with basic candidate information, including: 

  • Name
  • Location
  • Experience
  • Previous employment
  • Education 

Beyond this vital information, you’ll also see numerical figures for each candidate. One will represent what criteria they meet for the job vacancy, and the other will assign the candidate with an overall score on how well of a match they are. 

From here, you have even more options to narrow down your choices and find the perfect hire. Firstly, you can filter results by skills and experience. From there, you can rank the importance of these skills and previous experiences by how important they are to the role. For example, you can adjust results based on whether you’re looking for a “novice” or an “expert.” Finally, you can use the tool’s skill search bar to search by location, previous industries, and more. After applying all of these search factors, the tool will present an even more accurate list of candidates.

Even More Benefits 

It doesn’t end there, however. Once you have your list of candidates, you can then review their profiles. You can delve into a prospect’s application summary and see the skills that match them to the job vacancy in order of their skill level. Furthermore, you can also view their CV/resume to gain deeper insight into the individual’s background and expertise. 

Finally, you can directly communicate with candidates on the platform by sending them an invitation to apply for the job. You can send messages individually or in bulk. There’s no need to send messages outside the platform that you then need to keep track of. The entire process is streamlined, making recruitment as easy as a click of the mouse. 

Beyond an overall better system for recruitment, Talent Rediscovery is also an excellent tool for company diversity and inclusion (D&I) leaders. The tool displays candidates purely based on their skill and expertise, ensuring all candidates are examined first and foremost for their abilities. This creates a more inclusive company brand, important in a climate where 67% of job seekers consider a workplace’s diversity practices when evaluating companies. 

Transform Your Recruiting Process


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