Speak Their Language: How to Recruit Gen Z Talent

How to recruit gen z

Gen Z, the digitally native, disruption-loving, socially aware generation that’s flooding the workforce. However, if you’re still recruiting them like you did Millennials, brace yourself. Gen Z has shifted the rules of the game, and to win, you need to speak their language.

Beyond the Buzzwords: Who Is Gen Z?

Forget the “they’re all glued to their phones” stereotype.

Here’s what defines Gen Z:

  • They don’t just use technology, they were born into it. Seamless online experiences are a must.
  • Hustles and side gigs are a way of life. They value the chance to make a real impact.
  • Fake platitudes? No thanks. Gen Z craves realness and companies that walk the talk.
  • They’re connected to a worldwide community, and diversity & inclusion are non-negotiables.

Speak Fluently: Gen Z Recruitment Strategies

Mobile-First = Life-First: If your careers page isn’t blazing-fast on a smartphone, you have already lost Gen Z’s attention.

Video is KING: Ditch the text-heavy job descriptions. Short, impactful videos showcasing your culture and employee stories are far more enticing.

Streamline the recruitment process: Creating a positive candidate experience is another way to win Gen Z over. They will expect the entire recruitment process, including the initial attraction, communications, interviewing, and follow up to not only be efficient but also reflect their values.

A poor candidate experience can harm your brand image, especially because Gen Z will most likely feedback their experience to their online communities. On the other hand, a great candidate experience can attract excellent talent long term and help them to feel like they are part of the team from the very start.

Meet them where they are: TikTok, Instagram, even niche platforms are where they hang out. Showcase your employer brand in those spaces authentically.

Values matter, A LOT: Emphasize your company’s commitment to social issues Gen Z cares passionately about. Showcase actions, not just words.

Feedback is fuel: Gen Z grew up with instant reviews. Implement quick, pulse-check surveys throughout the application process to gather insights and optimize.

Ditch the formality: Ditch the “Dear Sir/Madam” in your outreach. Gen Z responds to a conversational tone – just keep it professional. Use visuals and emojis where appropriate (yes, even in emails!) to boost engagement.

Don’t try too hard: Gen Z has a built-in cringe detector. If your attempts to seem “hip” feel forced, you’re better off going with transparency and a direct approach that says, “Hey, we need amazing people like you.”


By incorporating these insights into your recruitment strategy, you can effectively engage and recruit top Gen Z talent. Remember to seek feedback from candidates and hiring managers to ensure continual improvement.

By aligning your process with the preferences and values of Gen Z, you can attract individuals who are not only qualified but also dedicated to making a meaningful impact.

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