4 Tips on How To Streamline Your International NHS Recruitment Strategy

Do you want to attract top-tier talent but also create a workforce that thrives on diversity and innovation?

Since the 1930s, the NHS has greatly benefited from international recruitment. Today, as in previous years, overseas recruitment remains a significant part of NHS organisations’ workforce supply strategy, in line with the NHS People Plan.

International NHS recruitment not only injects fresh perspectives but also enriches the organisation with a diverse array of educational backgrounds, fostering a dynamic and vibrant company culture.

The NHS Long Term Plan established organisations’ ambitions over the next ten years, with ethical international recruitment as one of its top priorities.

The NHS Trusts currently using Oleeo’s ATS as their one stop shop recruitment platform:
  • University Hospitals Birmingham NHS Foundation Trust
  • Royal Papworth Hospital NHS Foundation Trust
  • Solent NHS Trust and Southern Health NHS Foundation
  • Somerset NHS Foundation Trust

Join us in this blog as we unravel four ways you can supercharge your international NHS recruitment strategy!

Conduct Virtual Screening

Since 2020, virtual interviews have become essential for most Trusts and organisations seeking high-quality recruits. 

Most applicant tracking systems offer messaging and interviewing options within their platforms. This way, you can automatically schedule virtual interviews with easy-to-access links and ensure candidates have no difficulty joining. 

However, you might want to consider using this technology to set screening questions and invite candidates to record their (video) responses, in their own time, eliminating any time zone issues.

Oleeo’s virtual screening tool goes beyond mere efficiency – it’s about elevating the entire recruitment experience. Recruiters can navigate seamlessly through a platform tailored for intuitive and swift decision-making, while candidates are treated to an enhanced and user-friendly interface. Imagine a recruitment process where each interaction leaves a positive and lasting impression, setting the stage for a collaborative and engaging journey for both parties.

So, gear up for a transformative experience with Oleeo’s virtual screening tool – where time becomes your ally, and the recruitment process becomes an exciting and efficient adventure for all involved!

Tear Down Language Barriers

Language barriers are among the top concerns for international recruits, as even the same languages can be used differently in other countries. While language barriers may create road bumps throughout an individual’s entire career, miscommunication errors are most prevalent during recruitment. Fortunately, these errors are easy to avoid if you use dependable tools. 

Oleeo ensures consistent communication across every manager, recruiter, and candidate by supporting the translation of unlimited languages. Using Oleeo, you can communicate seamlessly with international candidates, no matter their language. You can minimise the likelihood of communication errors and alleviate the burden on candidates to translate messages independently, thus preventing the recruitment process from becoming unnecessarily cumbersome.

Use Branded Job Search Portals

As with all recruitment, a key factor in finding ideal international candidates for a job is knowing where to post it. Posting jobs on multiple platforms will expand your candidate bank, but it could also give you undesirable applicants if you post in the wrong places.

Applicant tracking systems can help you strategise your candidate search by identifying the best job search portals and platforms based on your industry and desired candidates. This way, you don’t waste time posting in the wrong places and can target the professionals that suit your needs. 

Properly Gauge International Versus Local Candidates 

Hiring international candidates can vastly improve your organisation by expanding perspectives and culture. However, you should take into consideration the relocation costs. Because of these variables, international recruitment may not always be the best option for your organisation — especially if the candidate with the right qualifications lives nearby.

Applicant tracking systems use AI automation to filter through candidates’ resumes, CVs, cover letters, interview notes, and more. From here, the platform gives you the best matches for your open position based on your prioritised qualifications. Putting international and local candidates through these filters will help you determine the best options indiscriminately. 

Streamline NHS Recruitment With a Configurable Applicant Tracking System

Oleeo’s recruiting enablement platform specialises in supporting NHS recruitment. Hear from University Hospitals Birmingham NHS Foundation Trust on how they reduced their time to hire by 29% using Oleeo’s ATS platform.

“We’ve always sold ourselves and our recruitment as a one-stop-shop because we do recruitment on behalf of the trust. If I were to explain what Oleeo does, I’d also say they’re a one-stop-shop. We can do everything we need to, as a function with Oleeo.”

Laura Wagg, Recruitment Manager, UHB

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