Conquer mobile-based applicant tracking


Conquer mobile applicant tracking with Oleeo.

The Oleeo Recruiting App – available from any webstore, can be accessed by recruiters, hiring managers or anyone involved the recruitment process.

Using Oleeo Technology

Mobile applicant tracking services available include a list of all open vacancies available.  It enables mobile applicant tracking and is an innovative way for talent acquisition leaders to keep abreast of any recruitment activity – whilst on the move.

When accessing the app, the recruitment process is broken down into key areas that allow for full mobile applicant tracking. Whatever the device, Oleeo can be configured to be accessible in a user-friendly way to ensure that candidates can be progressed and managed without being constrained to the office desktop.This will help talent acquisition leaders to know how many applications have been received for any vacancy, but also where each applicant is within the recruitment process.

The mobile applicant tracking also offers users the ability to view each candidate within a specific stage. For instance, the app will reveal full information on all candidates scheduled in for an interview and how many will attend each day. The user also has the ability to drill further into each candidate to be able to manage the full end-to-end recruitment cycle. Oleeo’s mobile applicant tracking will showcase key information and allow users to perform key tasks including:

Review the candidates CV/resume

View candidate feedback from other stakeholders
Offer their own feedback – all of which is visible to any colleagues with permission
Interview Feedback forms can be accessed – this offers support to the interviewer by ensuring the right information is captured during each interview – feedback forms are fully customisable per role – offering interview support every time
Thumbs up/down options – again visible to colleagues – this is a useful way to gain a general interest level on each candidate
Users can request information from the candidate – a great way to facilitate the process from a mobile device
Manage the candidate through stages in the process remotely – the app is secure and aligned to local privacy legislations to ensure that it remains a robust and compliant option for managing recruiting efforts whilst on the go
A dedicated Interviews tab also enables mobile applicant tracking to support similar Interview activity from within the app.
The benefits of technology-enabled easy registration is limitless but can include:
  • More easily measurable & improved event ROI
  • Improved candidate experience / cut queues
  • More leads captured
  • Improved identification & engagement of great candidates
  • Improved ongoing candidate engagement & conversion
  • Having more time for all parties to capture feedback on events
  • Measured & improved Brand Ambassador ROI



This app will only work for Oleeo customers and will require a login to sign in on first use. It operates in a secure environment in compliance with data protection guidelines ensuring candidate information is not accessible outside of authorised users. Click the buttons below to watch the video or talk to us today about how we can assist with your recruiting event management needs.

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