10 keys to great candidate engagement in uncertain times


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10 keys to great candidate engagement in uncertain times.

The need for great candidate engagement has never been so critical in these uncertain times. Oleeo has developed these 10 key steps to help!

Using Oleeo Technology.

Have a great Employer Value Proposition (EVP)

That is one that is simple, honest & deliverable. Valued by your target talent & reflective of your commitments to welfare in times of uncertainty.

Plan coordinated & differentiated engagement strategies for different talent pools

You need coordinated & differentiated strategies to attract & retain candidates based on their demographics, seeking to convey the various issues that different age groups care about in the current climate. Be as comprehensive as you can be, but don’t create extra work for teams already under pressure.

Engage early

Whether the candidates are passive or active jobseekers, it is imperative to establish trust and build rapport early. Your engagement needs to align with what they value, typically some sort of reassurance in these difficult times. Present options early and help gain traction as soon as you can.

Ensure your employer brand is represented end-to-end

Engage & deliver your EVP effectively & potently end-to-end: in webinars or virtual events & videos, across your website, via email, in talent banks, during the application, after application, in interviews, and close out.

Engage leadership, employees, advocates to amplify, authenticate, and bring to life your EVP

Present your reassurance as a tribe not just as an individual. Having good spokespeople is crucial. Relatability works well if you can get the internal traction. Scale up the engagement the further into the process you get.

Go Virtual & automate

Do what you would have done with real-world in person engagement. Help provide reassurance throughout to make virtual contact work – offer helping hands where technical issues occur or candidates appear uneasy.

Understand great and focus your engagement on great hires & candidates

Nurture promising talent who have the potential to be great future employees. Beware though that this can be subjective so time should be dedicated to accurately pulling together an agreed definition of what constitutes a great hire.

Ensure your communication is simple, transparent and personal

It is important that this is treated on an as often as appropriate basis. Employers should seek to not be perceived as being overzealous with their communications.

Set expectations early and offer hires jobs as quickly as the system allows you to

Ensure you manage expectations by providing all of the information a candidate needs to consider in a timely manner.

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