How is AI Changing the Recruiting Industry?

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Recruitment software is growing with the development of technology, and the invention of artificial intelligence has become integral to streamlining the work that talent acquisition platforms do as it is objective, focused and works more efficiently than humans.

Here we explore the ways in which AI recruiting software is changing the way we hire, and how you can get on board.

It’s A Fast Filtering System

For mass recruiters, AI has been revolutionary in helping to sort and categorize thousands of individual applications in minimal time. A study found that the average recruiter takes around 15 hours per week to find the right applicant for a role during their recruitment process.

Now, artificial intelligence can help recruiters to sort job applications in a much shorter period of time by scanning electronic applications for keywords relating to industry experience, qualifications, and particular skills, and quickly eliminating irrelevant candidates. This means that the recruiter can maximise their time and efficiency for very minimal effort.

AI Can Promote Diversity and Inclusion in the Workplace

Diversity and Inclusion policies are now central to recruitment, and finding ways to implement diversity and inclusion policies is almost impossible without being influenced by unconscious bias to make unintentional subjective decisions. 

In the modern day, these policies are an essential part of establishing permanent change to the way we tackle diversity and inclusion in recruitment, so using artificial intelligence to make insightful and smart decisions without the issue of bias can allow companies to proudly remain inclusive. 

To do this, Oleeo’s AI talent acquisition platforms can help to challenge bias by using the  Intelligent Writing software to recognise gender-biased wording, and remove it from job descriptions. 

This is based on several studies like the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, who found that women found jobs less appealing when descriptions contained more masculine terminology, and were less likely to apply as a result. 

It Can Help You to Connect and Engage with Applicants

Building a good relationship with applicants can be essential in attracting the best talent. 

Artificial intelligence can also be used through chatbots to connect with applicants. Additionally, they can help to simulate real life situations to test competence with addressing vital decision-making or conflict resolution. This can then produce clear and concise data for you to view and compare between candidates to find the best applicant for the job.

Overall, the use of Artificial Intelligence within your recruiting process can help to boost the streamlining of hiring, shape your essential diversity and inclusion policies, and build relationships with prospective employees with ease.

Do you want to see how artificial intelligence can help you and your business? Contact us today to find out more. 

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