5 Ways to Gauge the Quality of Candidates You Are Attracting

Attracting and hiring high quality candidates into an organization is a challenge especially now as we continue to face a scarcity of high quality candidates in the market. Bringing in candidates with the relevant skills for today’s vacancies can also have a long term benefit to organizations.  Ensuring that you bring in the right talent, can reduce resignations and costs of re-hiring alongside a potential shorter time to productivity as training and development needs may well be reduced.

How can you measure whether you are bringing high quality candidates that can support your organisation in the short, medium and long term?

1. Application to interview conversion rate

One way to measure if you’re attracting quality candidates is by tracking the conversion rate of applicants to interviews. If a significant percentage of applicants are making it to the interview stage, it may suggest that you’re attracting high-quality candidates who are a good fit for the job.

Use a recommended configurable ATS Software to sift through hundreds of resumes and filter out those who are most qualified. By using Oleeo’s ATS software to automate, you can spend your time building and nurturing relationships with candidates that have been prioritised based on their matching skills to your role.

2. Time to fill

Another way to measure the quality of your candidate pool is by tracking the time it takes to fill a position. Filling your vacancies quickly can be an indication that you are able to pinpoint the skills needed within your organisation and attract the right candidates to your organisation using the attraction tools available to you.

3. Candidate Feedback

You can also measure the quality of your candidate pool by soliciting feedback from candidates who have applied or interviewed for a position but have not been successful. Positive feedback from this pool of candidates can indicate that you are attracting candidates with the relevant skills for your roles and organisation as well as highlighting that you have a smooth engaging hiring process. Recruitment CRM from Oleeo can streamline this process, by scheduling and automating communications to efficiently collect feedback.

4. Repeat Vacancies

Being able to measure the percentage of roles that you have to re-hire based on quick quitters, suitability for the organisation or performance can give a strong indication as to whether you are bringing in the right candidates with the right skills for your vacancies.

5. Referral Rate

If current employees are referring their high-quality peers into the organisation for new vacancies, it may suggest that your company has a strong reputation amongst your employees and is not only able to attract top talent, but also retain them.


Understanding these data points and these measurements, you can ensure you build and retain a strong and talented team. To learn more about how Oleeo can help you achieve all the above, chat to one of our recruitment experts.

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