Shelley Ingram


Shelley Ingram

Vice President, Customer Experience & Success

Shelley Ingram joined Oleeo in October 2016 in a newly created role – Vice President, Customer Experience & Success. Born and bred in Texas, Shelley brings over 20 years of financial services, consulting, talent acquisition, and customer success experience to Oleeo. A tenacious woman from her days on Wall Street at Salomon Brothers and Bank of America to her consulting experience at Arthur Andersen, Shelley moved into focusing on Customer Success and Professional Services at Talent Acquisition software providers such as, Authoria, and Lumesse at the start of the Millennium when in her own words “people were just beginning to think that you might be able to use the Internet to recruit candidates instead of them mailing you a resume.”

Shelley has a Bachelors degree from Northwestern University and Master’s degrees from Northwestern’s Graduate School of Management and Stanford University. In her free time, Shelley is a mother of twins and likes to play tennis and golf with them, often having to juggle work and leisure in a Wonder Woman way! Working with Oleeo customers, she is looking to help them with realizing ambitions of being completely digital in recruitment with great candidates being hired within a couple of days rather than over a few months.

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