CohnReznick, Leading Accounting & Consulting Firm

Leading Accounting & Consulting Firm CohnReznick Upgrades Their Recruiting Metrics with Oleeo



Leading Accounting & Consulting Firm Upgrades Their Recruiting Metrics with Oleeo.

Leading Accounting & Consulting Firm CohnReznick Upgrades Their Recruiting Metrics with Oleeo



Main challenges

Dispersed hiring process

Key benefit

Substantially reduced time to hire

Leading Accounting & Consulting Firm Upgrades Their Recruiting Metrics with Oleeo

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CohnReznick have transformed their recruiting system beyond recognition, achieving new peaks in key metrics, including average length of time to hire, number of new hires per year, and candidate satisfaction.



CohnReznick is the 13th largest accounting firm in the US, with 30 offices across the United States, India and the Philippines, 5,000 employees and over $1B in annual revenue. With thousands of new hires every year, it is essential that their system is efficient, consistent across the business, and provides an outstanding experience for candidates.



However, in the words of CohnReznick’s Head of Talent Acquisition, Imad Khoury, their ATS was “the most basic… I had ever worked with.”


“Oleeo was the top choice for us because it allowed our entire business to operate on one platform, unlike other organizations that use different platforms for different parts of their business. We did not want that.”

Imad Khoury, CohnReznick, Head of Talent Acquisition

CohnReznick needed:

● A platform that could be used consistently across the entire US business
● A way to centralize all their hiring processes under one system.
● Increased efficiencies and automations (e.g. – automated letters and the ability for candidates to accept job offers within the system)
● Specialized campus recruitment software (approximately 50% of their recruiting efforts are in this area)
● Removal of manual processes (to avoid potential errors)

The last item of this list was arguably the most important because inconsistent recruitment practices and shadow processes created risk for the firm. Mitigation of that risk was one of CohnReznick’s key goals in adopting a new platform.

Why Was Oleeo the Preferred Solution?

The core reason why Oleeo was the natural selection was because their solution was the best fit for what CohnReznick wanted to achieve, especially in terms of bringing all elements of the recruitment business onto one platform. From lateral hires through to early careers, we use Oleeo for all types of recruiting. It is common for organizations to try to stitch together multiple platforms, and this was something they were determined to avoid. Oleeo’s platform molds around your needs, rather than you having to change your needs to fit the platform.

Beyond the practicalities of the decision, CohnReznick also appreciated Oleeo’s commitment to understanding their challenges and building a fruitful, long-term relationship. We sought a true partnership with our provider, not just a piece of technology, and Oleeo clearly shared our vision of working as one team.

“The Oleeo platform has proven to scale with our business growth plans, when our hiring increased from 600 to 2,000 per year. “

Imad Khoury, CohnReznick, Head of Talent Acquisition

The Results

Upgrading their recruitment platform to Oleeo quickly produced the outcomes that CohnReznick were seeking.

These included…

Thanks to the extensive automation Oleeo provides, there was an overall improvement in efficiencies.

The candidate experience was significantly enhanced, streamlining communication, and providing a user-friendly platform for all interactions. Successful integration of the Oleeo platform with CohnReznick’s third-party background check provider.

CohnReznick has cut their hiring time by 58%, now averaging just 42 days per hire. Over the last few years, they have increased their annual hiring from about 600 hires to an astonishing 2,000. This represents a staggering growth of nearly 233%, translating to an average of 10 new hires every single day—a testament to their remarkable expansion and efficiency. 

Of course, no technology upgrade of this size is completed without some challenges to overcome. While initially, CohnReznick planned to keep customization of the Oleeo system to a minimum, it eventually became clear that changes would be needed to avoid compromises to their existing workflow. 

The decision was taken after around nine months to make the adjustment and Oleeo’s technical team quickly stepped up to make the needed changes. This well demonstrates the importance of working with a supplier who is committed to providing ongoing support and the Oleeo platform is fully configurable to fit the unique needs of the user.

The Future

CohnReznick are pleased to continue working with Oleeo, and are especially interested in some of the new developments that are currently in the works.

In particular, the AI components of Oleeo – an invaluable tool for employers who receive large volumes of applications – are powerful, but are only the first step in a number of planned future features like on demand video screening (great for high volume hiring), hiring manager UI improvements and strategic behavioral assessment and scoring.


Oleeo has 25 years experience of delivering award-winning recruiting solutions across multiple industries.

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