What Are the Benefits of an Applicant Tracking System?

using applicant tracking systems in recruitment

Applicant Tracking Systems are used to help businesses organise and manage their recruitment process from start to finish, and is primarily used as a way to organise and track candidates from application to hire.

Why Does My Business Need ATS Tracking?

ATS Tracking is excellent for businesses who need more support with large-scale hiring by automating the many administrative tasks that accompany the hiring process, and streamlining the procedure.

It’s Intelligent

By using an Applicant Tracking System, you can create an extensive and high quality talent pool through the use of the software’s artificial intelligence to resourcefully select the most qualified candidates.

To do this, the software uses key phrases in the job description to pick out sought after experience in a candidate’s CV and application, and consequently ensures that you can shortlist the most qualified and experienced candidates with minimal effort.

You Can Customise Your Experience

ATS tracking software like Oleeo is built to be customised to your business’ needs. You can adjust the features of the software according to the range of roles you have, and work with our team to build custom workflows that will work to help you make better recruitment decisions.

Collect Data to Streamline Future Recruitment Processes

Data collection is essential to evaluating your recruitment processes as a business. By using ATS Tracking software, you can capture an accurate picture of both your candidates, and the success of the recruitment policies, and make changes to benefit the quality of your recruitment drive and candidate selection by evaluating the data.

Create a User Friendly Experience

The better a candidate’s experience during recruitment, the better impression they will have of your brand or business, and they will be more likely to return as a candidate in the future.

By creating a user-friendly experience, in the event of an unsuccessful application, the candidate-focused nature of ATS software means that candidates remain in the loop of the recruitment process, boosting the probability of securing a role in future.

This user-friendly experience creates ease in organising interviews, as candidates can schedule their own with the help of the ATS software.

Adhere to Diversity and Inclusion Policies

Diversity and inclusion policies are now increasingly at the centre of recruitment, and by using ATS software, keeping those policies central to your business’ recruitment processes is now easier than ever.

Oleeo’s artificial intelligence can flag and help to eliminate gender-biased language within job descriptions, and recruiters can toggle the anonymous applications option to remove candidate names from forms and CVs.

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