Are You Spending a Fortune on Attracting Entry Level Candidates?

Entry-level candidates can bring a fresh perspective to your company, as younger talent often brings an array of important skills like an evolving knowledge of digital and technological developments.

With industries shifting rapidly, attracting quality entry-level candidates can be challenging without spending a fortune on listings, advertisements, and recruitment events. Even if you draw a wide talent pool, your candidates may not have the qualifications, skills, or dedication you need, in other cases, you may have too many high-quality candidates to choose from at once. 

If you’re not a stranger to campus recruitment, the solution to some of the problems listed above may sit in your campus recruitment data. 

Utilizing Previous Campus Recruitment Programs

Campus recruitment programs are a fantastic way to meet, evaluate, and introduce yourself to young professionals entering your industry.

Oleeo has over two decades of experience providing recruitment technology to support campus recruiting and early careers programmes including the likes of CohnReznick, Evercore, LEK, Morgan Stanley and Nomura. They offer an affordable, innovative and functionally-rich student recruitment solution. Their Campus Recruiting Software will automate the process by immediately flagging candidates in your talent pool who match your job requirements. Saving you recruiting time and budget

Unfortunately you won’t always be able to hire every high-quality candidate you meet, 98% of applications to a campus program are ultimately unsuccessful. However, the candidates you reject during your campus recruitment and other hiring events may be perfect for your organization’s future entry-level jobs. 

Oleeo’s Talent Rediscovery tool allows you to maintain candidate information for future openings so you can immediately reach out with offers and interview requests. The recruitment process will be faster and significantly more cost-efficient. 

Start shaving time and money by looking a bit closer to home for high-quality entry level candidates. 

Keep Track of Previous Candidates With an Applicant Tracking System

Applicant tracking systems, such as Oleeo, improve your recruitment process from end to end by managing your candidate information and applicants’ most important job qualifications. This way, whether you’re hiring for an entry-level position or a supervisor, you won’t always need to look beyond your previous lists of candidates to find someone perfect for the job. Check out free recruitment resources to learn more.

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