Survival of the Fastest – 4 Ways Data and Automation Can Ensure You Recruit the Best Young Talent

Campus hiring is fast-paced and being detail-oriented can impact the longevity of your business. Candidates out of college will not only bring a fresh perspective to your business but they may stick around for years to come as they build their careers; giving you the opportunity to nurture them so they can take on more responsibility in the future. 

The hectic pace of campus recruitment, along with candidate expectations, can complicate the hiring process for unprepared businesses. Oleeo’s applicant tracking software (ATS) for campus recruiting simplifies the data and automation process so you can focus on the candidates while we focus on the details. 


1. Identify the Right Colleges, Competencies, and Candidates

While it may seem beneficial to expand your campus recruitment plan to as many colleges and universities as possible, it can be more efficient to pinpoint specific institutions that meet your skill needs. Oleeo’s Recruiting Automation and data help you narrow down which colleges and universities are best for your recruitment plan based on their available programs, the data of previous graduates, scheduled recruitment events, and more.

Beyond deciding on the right colleges, Oleeo also helps you identify the right competencies for campus new hires and the proper timeline for recruitment. The end goal is to help you find those candidates who have the suitable characteristics for your job based on their skills, internships, educational focuses, and other applicable experience.


2. Reduce Busy Work and Prioritize Speed

Oleeo’s applicant tracking software automatically stores, processes, and delivers data in a way that is easy to understand and organized. This saves you an exceptional amount of time on tedious administrative tasks and in the decision-making process itself. 

Given how competitive campus hiring events can get, any time saved can be the difference between recruiting your leading candidates and settling for a third or fourth-choice candidate. Our campus recruiting checklist will ensure you have everything you need to hire talent quickly.


3. Determine the Most Appealing Recruitment Plan

As the modern workforce continues to change in the aftermath of 2020, it can be difficult for employers and recruiters to know precisely what new candidates are looking for, especially graduates. Oleeo’s Applicant Tracking System and data on the current landscape of your industry will help you determine the best recruitment plan possible.

Tips for making your open position or internship seem more appealing to graduates:

  • Using strategic calls-to-action and questions
  • Using actionable and time-sensitive language
  • Learning more about the candidate using available data for more personable experiences
  • Do your research – what type of work environment and levels of pay and benefits are graduates in your industry looking for

4. Intelligent Automation

With intelligent attraction, intelligent engagement, and intelligent selection built-in, using intelligent automation for campus hiring simplifies the candidate search process at every level. Oleeo’s experience in campus recruitment technology spans over 20 years. 


Our intelligent automation is constantly up-to-date with what the candidates and employers are looking for, saving you as the recruiter both time and money. For more information on using our applicant tracking software to recruit the best young talent in finance, check out our Recruiter’s Guide.

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