What Software Do Recruitment Process Outsourcing Organisations Use?

using software for recruitment process outsourcing organisations

Recruitment Process Outsourcing organisations rely on software to help them find the best candidates for their clients, but learning how to navigate this software as an applicant, or as an employer can be revolutionary for employment.

What are the Different Types of Recruitment Software?

Depending on the needs of your company, recruitment software can serve different purposes, and can be tailored according to your targets and objectives as a business. Each software performs a different function, so being informed about how it can help your business will go a long way to achieving your targets.

Applicant Tracking Software

Applicant Tracking Software (otherwise known as ATS) is primarily used for large-scale hiring, as it contains recruitment automation software. This can aid a business in automating administrative processes and streamlining the process between application and hire/rejection.

ATS is known for its ability to consolidate data about candidates for easy viewing and sorting, and it can aid you in posting jobs in multiple locations and subsequently managing the applicants.

Candidate Relationship Management

Candidate Relationship Management Software (otherwise known as CRM) is primarily concerned with creating and maintaining relationships with existing and potential candidates by keeping them connected with company updates through emails and messages.

The aim behind this is to build a relationship of integrity with the candidates so that it’s easier to retain skilled candidate interest in working for you and will aid with retaining a talent pool of candidates that you can dip into when a vacancy becomes available.

Interviewing Software

Interviewing Software is crucial for virtual recruitment, which is seeing a rise following the Covid-19 pandemic, as many more people are working remotely or following a hybrid working pattern.

Interviewing software allows recruiters to interview from anywhere in the world, and means you can quickly organise virtual meetings with candidates at short notice, and beat any competitors to secure your ideal candidate.

What Are the Advantages of Using Recruitment Software?

There are many advantages to using recruitment software, as it can help you on your way to managing high-volume recruitment in the most efficient way, without creating excess paperwork or juggling diaries.

Additionally, recruitment software often has diversity and inclusion integrated throughout the process, meaning that you can avoid unconscious bias. Oleeo’s Intelligent Writing tool is programmed to help you write unbiased job descriptions by flagging up gender-biased word choices.

Similarly, if your company is heavily graduate-based, you can bank on using artificial intelligence to select the best candidates for your business using tailored campaigns.

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