Which Businesses Benefit from Campus Recruitment?

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Campus recruitment is a recruitment option favoured by businesses looking to recruit a predominantly graduate talent pool in their industry. 

There are several advantages to acquiring a predominantly entry-level workforce; you can build a strong and loyal staff base that is highly qualified for a much lower cost.

Additionally, if you build in top quality training and career development, this is guaranteed to improve your employee retention and loyalty by investing back into your employees’ skillsets.

How does Campus Recruitment Work?

Campus recruitment works by building pre-existing relationships with graduates before or during the process of offering them a role in your company. 

This may be implemented by sending professionals from your business to the university to participate in careers fairs, or make speeches about the industry, while subtly advertising your business.

You may also choose to offer work experience as part of a course relating to your industry to give graduates-to-be an idea of what a career in your company might feel like.

This also gives candidates an opportunity to build relationships with the teams they would be working with in a permanent role.

So Who Does Campus Recruitment Benefit?

For industries who rely heavily on graduates for their workforce, campus recruitment may be a solution towards eliminating company-to-company competition and scoping out the best talent in the field.

This applies to industries like business and finance as well as many STEM industries that will naturally have large-scale interest and potentially many applicants for a very limited number of entry-level roles. 

If you are a company with a largely experienced workforce who have the scope to be able to train and tutor graduates in an entry level position, campus recruitment could serve you a stellar reputation in the graduate employment market.

How Can You Get Involved?

Getting involved in campus recruitment is a deeply candidate-focused method of hiring because your company can build an exceptional relationship with its workforce, which will in turn increase employee retention and loyalty. 

By using recruitment software for campus recruitment like Oleeo, you can focus on providing a seamless hiring process by organising your candidate information and making the process of candidate selection and interview efficient. This ultimately cuts your recruitment costs substantially while maintaining an excellent relationship with candidates.

Take a look at our Case Study on nuclear graduates to see how we managed to help them manage their hugely successful large scale campus recruitment drive, allowing them to reduce their recruitment costs by 80%.

If you want to find out more about campus recruitment with Oleeo, contact us today.

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